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Wow!Freia a is crazy beautiful!This russian woman is soooo sexy!Is this Yvonne Strahovski`s twin sister or what wow!Rylsky,please,please,more of this incredible woman!She is of the hottest women on this site!

Freia has two of the most beautiful cheeks in the world which are in turn connected to a lovely face and body. She also likes to tease, and naturally Rylsky has captured it all, perfectly

A short set, at 88 photographs, but very sweet. Freia's curvaceous figure is absolutely spectacular, and her pretty smiling face is a joy to behold.

Thank you to Rylsky and Freia for this warm and romantic set. I enjoyed it very much.

Two critiques:
1) Had I been photographer/director, I would have reversed the order of removal of the teddy and the heels, with the teddy going first.
2) Far too short a set of this delectable woman, Freia deserves twice as long a set.
Now that my critiques are out of the way.... Wow! What a delectable woman Freia is! The photos themselves are absolutely exquisite, Rylsky.
My first critique is solely a matter of personal preference, and the second is simply a desire for more of what you do SO well.
( :

This was kind of critiques that helps.

Rylsky, having found Freia's set on RylskyArt today, I formally retract critique # 2. While I maintain the sheer impossibility of seeing enough of Freia, I no longer feel shortchanged. ( ;
Both are amazing sets, by the way.

Freia is a pretty woman, so I do not mean any criticism of her at all.
Everyone knows I very seldom write anything negative, but I must admit I find this set to be kind of mediocre.

The only reason I'm commenting on this is because I am surprised.....I can't think of anything else from Rylsky that I makes me feel this way.

I don't know what specifically I don't care much for....maybe because it seems like the set was shot in a hotel room in somewhat of a hurry.

Rylsky, I apologize if my comments are offensive. I admire your work very much. I believe you'd rather I tell the truth than "sugar coat" my response and tell you I love this set.

nothing offensive, Browning

Thank you Rylsky (you too Sailor).

Check out the new Freia set on RylskyArt today. It's beautiful. More important, so is Freia.

Sailor - there are some others who have gone AWOL. Veronika F, Iveta B, Atena A and four long years since Inna C.

Many of these models have not left Met, they are working with other photographer that appear in other parts of the Met universe, using other names(This is sensible as MSN sometimes stands for Many Single Nutters, as Tony the Tiger used to say on met-cams back in the old days, when girls were riding dinosaurs to work instead of the bus.)For example Indiana is working for EA as Belle, Altea as Antea,and Pammie lee as Winona or Lubatchka

you can put Irina L and Katy D to that list! They are gorgeous.

And there are others, some of them in my list of top-rated models. Remember Iga A, Angela D and Raylene? Iga was an absolute heartbreaker. Then, of course, there's the long-absent Aneli, who gave a good name to pure lust.


Aaaaahhhhhh Aneli....

The Earth Mother reincarnated.

Yes! I couldn't have put it better.

Concerning the pictures 49, 50 & 64: I would have appreciated to see these nice poses in landscape format to fill in the blank of my display screen.

our days iPad (or Galaxy tab) change it all, BTW. good IPS and any orientation.

So how about BOTH landscape AND portrait format concerning these poses?

You never was happy with Rylsky and you never will be, BUT it is 100 more photographers on MetArt. Enjoy.

When you make comments like this, uuusssee, I can't tell if you're being sincere, or sarcastic.

The very pretty young lady named Freia, beautiful. Such a lovely young woman with wonderful blonde hair and enchanting green eyes. At 5ft 9in, this is not a cute little doll. This is a beautiful woman, with a nearly perfect feminine figure. What a delight! Such a pleasing, seductive face. Freia, warmest regards and best wishes for much happiness. You are beautiful.

Interesting to note: Freia is featured on RylskyArt today as well. She is one of Rylsky's truly beautiful goddesses.

Neil, perhaps you can shed some light on the first two sets of this beauty being devoid of comment or praise...? I just looked at both of them and saw not a peep out of anyone!

Rock, just for you I went back and added some comment to her other two sets (;- Okay, not really for you, but because like you, after seeing todays set I had to look back and see her other sets. I was impressed as well and thinking the same thing - How did I miss this?

I wish I could see her on RA, that would be a real treat, but right now it isn't in the budget (time more than $$$).

LOL Right! I saw that kilroy. And I keep forgetting that the comments section is fairly new, and neglect checking the dates of the older sets... And whenever I see a model I haven't seen before, I always check to make sure that she doesn't have previous sets that warrant comment.. I'll catch up eventually...;o) And I know exactly what you mean about the time to keep up with more than one or two sites.

Yes, MetArt started the comment system for the galleries earlier this year, around February. So galleries that were published before then have no comments. It seems like the beautiful model was ignored but the comments, if any, were made by e-mail.

Of course, on RylskyArt, you can post comments and send e-mails directly to Rylsky himself.

same on MetArt (with comments)

Neil, that's a shameless plug for Rylsky, and I expect that from you! (;- I would love nothing more than to have the time for another site. Between you and Rylsky, it is becoming harder to resist!

Double dose of Freia......very nice! Tough choosing which set is better.

and 2 more sets (MetArt)

Two other sets that were apparently ignored, based on the absence of comment... I just saw them and enjoyed them very much. This is a beautiful girl!

not ignored, because comment system on METART was launched after Feb of 2013.

Right! I keep forgetting! Forgetting many things....many memories fading....a peaceful calm settling over me now..

Freia, sweetheart, you've been gone so long, more than a year—a sad, joyless year without the comfort of that long, delicious body. Yum. Welcome back, you gorgeous creature. Stick around a while.

P.S. Any set with image 8 in it is guaranteed at least a 9.5

On further examination, images 3 through 11 showcase a divinely beautiful derrière. (Calling it an ass would be vaguely insulting.) BTW, the overall rating for this set is absurdly low. Have the Little Sisters of the Blind returned?

...and come back often.
REALLY often.
I'd say, "pretty please?" ~ but that'd be gilding the lily.

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