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What a f***ing stupid idea to put those dreadful false eyelashes on the eyes of Freya A... I saw Rylsky has shown his absence sense of beauty when he tried to make up her eyes with black make up (which is absolutely not the style of Freya A) but in that set, Rylsky touches the depths of bad awful taste !

I'll suggest him to wear those hideous false eyelashes and to watch himself in a mirror, I put him in challenge to wear them outside and make photographs of himself with them before to sell them !

Shame on Rylsky and his awful cabaret drag queen ideas ! He cannot see where beauty is ! Which photographer can telling to be a photographer if he's so blind ???

I really think that set was a f***ing Rylsky's joke !

Naked women ALWAYS look better in heels whether they're standing up, lying on their back, lying on their stomach, or standing on their head.

Wonderful set!

No matter what others may say --

I LUUUUUV this set !!! Boots are your friend!

I never quite got over "Go-go Boots" from the Sixties !!!

Beautiful girl. I love everything about here except the eyelashes.

I have missed Freya. I was so excited to see a set from her. The excitement was soon lost. No fully body exposure in sexy poses and she kept those damn boots on the entire time. Bummer. I would really love to see more of her.

Probable the most boring set of photos I've ever seen posted by Rylsky.

I usually enjoy Rylsky's work. Not this set.

Too dark, unimaginative poses, no point.

Not to mention the ugly assed footwear!

I love this site but if I had one criticism, it is I'd like to see more sets like this, girls in boots. Such a huge turn on! Love this set and hope to see more like it.

What an amazing set. Some aggressive bold images. Great job by both Freya and Rylsky.

Freya has nice hair, nipples, areolae, ribs, legs, derriere and today; scary eyelashes. She is very flexible and I find the gallery to be interesting. Kudos to both.

Be still my beating heart! Freya has graced us once more with her poise and flexibility. She is constantly striking poses you'd swear won't work,and pulls it off with her sinuous grace and stony expression. However, in one or two shots where she tilts her head so you can see her ears, her ears are red, and ears don't lie, as Shakira would say (that's involuntary in girls who are having a good time, and all you guys should remember that.) Freya has posted only once this year and last, and not at all in 2011. I thought she'd left us, but she mostly works in other parts of the Met universe these days.

A more mature model and it showed in a good way. Her body position posing was outstanding. She played with props well. Since you wont answer I don't know why I am asking but was this on wet set, without water. You lost me at one point if these are in order It looks like she took a boot off and had it on her arm and then the boots are back on her legs. Overall a great set, Miss your comments...Have a great Holiday and extend best wishes to your regular models from all of us old farts.

And a warm "Seasons Greetings" to the "irregulars" also...;o)

Your right, Thanks...

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