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I would have rather seen another solo set of Gabriel. In my opinion Gabriel is much prettier than Vanda. I think Gabriel has one of the best bodies on Met Art.

97 (now, 98) comments... ALL of them positive...
I think that says quite a bit about a photographer.
Just sayin'.
( : ( : ( :

I think it says more about the membership...

It says a lot about the photographer and the wonderful members.

:)) The photographer = 10, and Gabriel = 10....I think they are both gorgeous women;)

Great set. One of the best girl/girl sets I've ever seen.

My question is why has Vanda done so many girl/girl sets lately ?

4 of her last 5 sessions have been with another woman.

Only one session of Vanda by herself in the last 6 months.

That's just not right !

Vanda is one of my favorite models on Met-Art with an incredible body.

I don't need any other distractions.

Please give us a few sets of Vanda by herself.

Thank you.

Hello wgworld) Thank you for a good mark of this set. I provided to Met-Art many solo sets of model Vanda. I can't influence that can be published. I hope that sometime these solo sets will be published.

Hello wgworld) Thank you for a good mark of this set. I provided to Met-Art many solo sets of model Vanda. I can't influence that can be published. I hope that sometime these solo sets will be published.

Thank you for your reply, Catherine.

I have always been a major fan of your work and I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post above.

I wish some of the photographers whose work appears on Met-Art would look closely at your work and see there is much they can learn from you.

As for Vanda, hopefully the powers that be at Met-Art will see this exchange and grace us with several of your solo Vanda sessions.

Thanks again.

Best duo set I have seen on this website simply amazing, I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the photographer is a woman and gets another kind of connection to the models than a male photopgrapher would. Stunning work Catherina and Gabriel+ Vanda B. I hope to see more of the models too.

Thank you very much Idlo) I really am very pleased that you have noted this set and you liked it. I hope, you will see new sets too)

Thank you I've always enjoyed seeing oily women and you gave us two very sexy oily women I would love to see the video

Hi dragon) Thank you very much for your praise. I hope the video will also be)

i am not generally a fan of professional g/g sets, as they typically strike me as artificial looking, but this one is exceptionally beautiful

Hi BigDave) Very pleased that you liked this set. I like doing the work G / G. I hope that future sets you also like

You certainly have a talent for it. Which is very good for us ;)

Again, I must add.... the models attribute much to the idealic situation, lovers inhanced with each other, captured by photo Catherine.
More of same please.......


Hi 6.5x55SwM) I am very pleased to read your comment. You wrote emotionally and not usual. Thank you very much) I hope that my future work will not disappoint you.

Capture of essence, both models and Catherine, added by lathering of oil, boil over the top. The neuances of every depiction displayed carry the quote even further.... "a picture is worth a thousand words", Catherine, let this not be your "fini" extent it forward, quest to a new level, intimet, as captured as you know how. Drawing out the buried thrust of sexuality, long deep in hidden rooms, due to our up bringing and moral teaching. You, Catherine, are breaking road blocks, with your pictures and replies to fans. Keep it up young person, on to the future........

Hi 6.5x55SwM) Thank you for your kind and imaginative comment . When we did this set, we tried. All that happened was not accidental. I am very pleased that our work was not in vain)

I had a busy morning so I just now logged on to Met Art.


Gabriel is GORGEOUS!!! She is an exotic, fascinating, alluring, unique beauty. World Class Beauty!!!
Catherine has mentioned that Gabriel is somewhat shy, but I hope she can convince Gabriel that she has nothing to be shy about.
In my opinion Gabriel is the most underrated model on Met Art. Gabriel is one of my top two models of all time.

This set is fantastic, the best girl/girl set I have ever seen.
Catherine is the only photographer that could produce a set like this. I think it takes a woman's touch and I also think Catherine has a relationship with her models unlike any other photographer.

I am so enamored by the sight of Gabriel, that I failed to mention Vanda looks great too!

Excellent work Catherine.....thank you for bringing Gabriel to us once again:) Please send her my thanks, she's amazing:)
Thank you Catherine (and thank your team too) for making my day:) You are a great woman and a great friend:)

Lastly, I want to thank "K" for bringing not only another magnificent set from Catherine, but for bringing me another set of Gabriel too.

Below fer_realz mentioned that Catherine has submitted photos of new models. I hope we see sets of these new models (along with her current models) soon. Catherine has a style that is all her own and among the best.

Hi Browning) I am very touched by your letter. Gabriel and Vanda send you the hottest kiss)))

Thank you Catherine:))

It had the same effect on me!


Damn. Took 30 mins for first comments to post. Sorry about the double post.

Catherine this set is mind blowing. You definitely pushed the envelope with this set. I asked later in the day when your last set was posted, what your thought process was when looking for new models. Wish you could discuss that either here or by email. In my humble opinion, your work is not featured here nearly enough. You have a strong group here that are very appreciative of your work. Best wishes to you, Vanda and Gabriel.

Hi JB1718) Thank you for a good assessment of my work. This is my email Catherine1984kazan@yandex.ru. I will be glad to answer all your questions)

I completely agree JB1718, Catherine's work is not featured nearly enough. She is consistently a top 5 photographer among members. I'd like to see as many sets from Catherine as we do Met Art's other top photographers.

Thank you very much Browning))


Great job. I loved the oil. To see to perfect nude female bodies glistening while caressing one another is glorious, and I especially loved the kissing. The background visible behind the sheets is also a treat to us who are freezing (in the northern hemisphere). Catherine, since you've been gone we have had record low temperatures in the American Midwest, but now it is slowly warming up. See? We are cold and lonely without you!

I meant to say "two," not "to."

Hi Ouchstopit) I am very happy that my occurrence would bring you warm. In Russia now is very warm. Air temperature is about 0 degrees Celsius. I'm glad you like our work. I wish you did not catch a cold.

Catherine I absolutely love this set. You push the envelope of what is allowed on this site. My only suggestion would be to maybe have the models let their hair down toward the end of the set. Love women with long hair. I asked if you could give us a glimpse into what goes into selecting new models. Thanks for all the great sets. You are not featured nearly enough IMHO. Love and thanks to you, Vanda and Gabriel.

Many thanks to JB1718) When shooting with oil, I try to collect the hair back. I'm afraid if the oil gets on the hair, the hair will look like sloppy. I'm waiting for your letter Catherine1984kazan@yandex.ru. I will answer all your questions)

Kinda makes you wanna grab a quart of mazola and join in, don't it? (Grammatically incorrect for effect.)

Hi Link Hogthrob) On the day when we did set had gathered cheerful company, I think that one liter would be not enough)

I would START with a quart...then "apply as necessary".

This is just perfect. Not only do the girls work well together, but a little baby oil or olive oil really increases the sensuality, the girls both get a 10+ each,not least for being so beautiful. Also, I may point out that this is just returning to old Met standards. If you look in the archives for "Koika-Diva "by Slastyonoff where Koika masturbates with a feather boa, or " Pure Fun I"by Voronin, where Anna goes downtown on her sister Tanya and others by Voronin, like "Domina " "Saffica" or " Krilius "you will see sets that would go in SexArt or Viv Thomas today.

5seadog I always enjoy going back and looking at sets or movies that you suggest. I have been unable to find the Koika-Diva by slastyonoff. Any help you can offer in this search would be greatly appreciated.

hi JB1718 you have to go waaay back in the archives it was done 15-01 2004, It is mislabeled on the archive thumb nail page as Koika-Koika and the thumb nail shows Koika sitting nude on a striped couch. The title Koika-Diva was Slastonoff's original title, there was confusion as Koika-Koika was in Slastyonoff's explaination of the set

5seadog thanks, that was well worth the wait. I knew that it was going to be good, because that was the second time that you mentioned that movie in the last month. Wish the video quality was up to today's standards. Thanks again.

Yes, before all the expansion Met had much better content. Now they have to protect there other sites. Greed is never a pretty thing :(

I can't recall any G-G set here at MA being so provocative and erotic. Catherine, you do push the envelope and the results are superb! Both women look terrific and especially in oil.

great work gals loved it

Thank you))

Great set, this one's a keeper. Well done Catherine.

Many thanks monkeryma) I am happy to work for you.)

A real turn on set, so erotic and sensuous . Through the eyes of a lady photographer this set is stunning sexy and orgasmic.
Catherine you are simply the best in erotic photography. Love you . xxx

Thank you so much ergo.))

What a lovely scenario... the only thing missing is me, in between these lovely ladies.
A boy can dream.... ( ;
To all fans of Catherine's photography: word on the grapevine has it that over the past several months, Catherine has been interviewing and shooting sets with new models.
There is a possibility that MetArt doesn't think there would be any demand for sets with new models, so unless we express that demand, we might never see the new sets.
The more of us that email MetArt support saying how much we want to see these new sets, the better the chances MetArt will buy and publish them...
( : ( : ( :

Hi fer_realz.) Boy there very needed. It was necessary to to save us from importunate and insolent horses.))
Thank you very much

OK, I am asking Santa Claus for plane tickets to Kazan... ( : ( : ( :
I know nothing of horses, but I'll do my best. As for bears, I fear I might just be a snack. ( :

Hi fer_realz) In Kazan, today snow fell and melted immediately. I think the bears are not up to us)

I think that if frogs puff up their chests and pretend not to be afraid, bears will walk away.... ( : ( : ( :
(I have not seen many frogs in the snow, however)

Whoa! I am IMPRESSED! Now this is what duos should be like! I usually don't even bother to look but it was a Catherine set and K had told me to look for some changes that would allow the photographers more freedom in these sets.

All I can say is Bravo Catherine! This is a duo worth saving and who knows it might just create a little interest for SA too!

This set is absolutely perfect it actually looks like there is chemistry there instead of the faked sets that have gone before. That was so hot my monitor was smokin! 2 lovely girls, covered in oil, doin what comes naturally. SO HOT!

I sincerely hope that this represents the new norm for Metart duos. I might actually start looking at them!

Holy smokes, That's 40 out of 40 on the night! I don't think that has ever happened before!

Like you, I used to pass at most G-G sets, not any more. Not with Catherine giving us sets like this one.

This is the first girl-girl photo shoot I have seen for many years which is truly erotic and artistic. The oil works really well and I have never seen Gabriel looks so stunning – I always thought that she had a wonderfully fit and lithe body. From now on, all girl-girl photo shoots must be shot by Catherine.

This is the first girl-girl photo shoot I have seen for many years which is truly erotic and artistic. The oil works really well and I have never seen Gabriel looks so stunning – I always thought that she had a wonderfully fit and lithe body. From now on, all girl-girl photo shoots must be shot by Catherine.

Hi Billyboy) I am very pleased that you enjoyed model Gabriel. I like to do sets of G / G. Your words inspire me) I hope in the future my Pair work will not disappoint you))

Thank you very much hipshot131. I deeply moved

Intresse by Catherine.
Gabriel A and Vanda B
I love both models. I love Vanda, and she knows that and I follow her sets. I love Gabriel, I adore her and I love every piece of her gorgeous, hot, sexy and delicious body. I have been waiting for this set since yesterday. Gabriel has very few sets and we wish to see more of her.
I will not comment on photography or settings. Catherine is my top photographer . I love her work in capturing the beauty of young girls.
Good work Katya. Give us more sets of Gabriel.

Thank you, thank you kkronful.)) Very glad that you liked this set. Very pleased to read your compliments.)

are you going to post more of Gabriel?? i love her. she has the most wonderful body. please post more. show us details of her boobs and pussy

I inquire of her, maybe she wants to work again))

Please do, Catherine, she is truly a beautiful woman. ( :

She is very shy)))

That is a shame... ( :
She need not be shy, she is gorgeous. ( :
(I only recently discovered her previous sets and adore them very much...)

She doesn't look shy in this set at all))

She seemed to enjoy playing with Vanda.
I cannot blame her, I would enjoy that too!


I see more than "acting" here Katya... I see two women in love.
As I have suspected for some time now... ;o)

I think she likes breaking her boundaries, as her bi says))

I think that I can persuade her))

Bio, not bi. A Freudian slip, if there ever was one.


I guess tribleing isn't considered a "sex" act by Met. Maybe no lesbians on the staff. This is about as far as it can be pushed on Met before it has to be on SeaxArt. Leave it Catherine to walk the line. Great set, loved it. But what has happened to Catherine? No comments from her for over a week! Anyone know anything. Just yesterday Catherine has Vanda playing with a strap-on over on SexArt. Busy Girl. What do you women members think. Us men are just jealous. Wish we were in the middle between them,I bet. The oil works!

Hi swplf2.) I'm here. I arrived.) I am happy to write the answers to such kind comments, thank you. I am very pleased to remember that time when I made this set. Now at this point snow lies. And probably bears roam))

Please be very cautious around the bears, dear Catherine! ( :

With horses coped this summer, bears the same handle.))

Dear swplf2 as a female oiled bodies are always a winnner between us females the guys just simpy love them :) and in my time i've done a few oily wrestling matches at the local club surely draws the guys in the rest i'll leave to your imagination ok ;).As for Catherine got no idea either with her comments she leaves to us all but she suerely has a winnner with this one swplf2 that's for sure !!! Cheers from a scorching hot evening here in Outback Australia :)

Hi rags25.) Wow Australia.) Cool.)) Did wrestlers fighting in the oil? I saw that they wear special clothing and footwear

Dear Catherine :) No not actually fighting more simply two girls playfully wrestling within a ring full of oil totally naked it turns the guys one really well like this latest set of yours :) sometimes we have also used spaghetti and sauce as well it's both fun to do plus you get a nice meal at the same time :) and yes Catherine i am from a small desert Outback town right in the middle of Australia and i am looking forward to your next series too Catherine :)

Australia, it is very unusual for me.)) At me, stored icon dedicated to the Olympic Games in Sydney.

Rags, for a recent birthday party, one of my friends filled up an inflatable swimming pool with jello for jello wrestling. Nobody got naked, but it was a fun way to spend the evening! ( :

Fer_realz it is a fun way to spend the evening but what i did was not only to entertain the guys it earnt me some extra $ $ $ as well plus it use to turn my ex on watching me doing it alas those youthful days have gone and as you well know by now i have a daughter to raise up and educate but looking on the bright side of things i'm back driving 18 wheelers part time now thats why half the time i dont get to reply to all those who comment within my posts or replies Cheers fer_realz :)

Congratulations, rags! That is great news, I am so happy for you! Just don't get so busy you forget all your friends on the comments forum here on MA. ( : ( : ( :
All the best to you and your little family. Hoping you all can stay cool!


Or none at all

That's incredible!))

Catherine has been on vacation and away from home. I hope soaking up the sun somewhere. I'm sure she will return soon.

Hi hipshot131.) Ialready at home, I arrived. I hope the new year will be a lot of interesting sets. And I can write a lot of warm words of gratitude for your attention and your comments)

I have been waiting for this set since yesterday, and the first look (there will be many more) is not disappointing. Two of my favorite models and my favorite photographer can do no wrong. Two gorgeous girls having some messy, slippery fun are irresistible to me, and, it seems, to each other. I will be contemplating these images (like #27) trying to pick a favorite, only to recognize the futility of such efforts, but I will definitely enjoy the process. Catherine, thanks for a great set and for bringing Gabriel back )) I hope cleanup wasn't too bad. Actually, it could make a great set as well!

Catherine, several weeks ago, while commenting on your set (Unnati), I expressed a wish to be surprised by your next set. I can now consider that wish fulfilled. Wanda is one of my favorite models, and she has done similar sets before, but seeing drop-dead gorgeous Gabriel in a girl-girl set was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise indeed. I guess she really likes to push her boundaries, as her bio states. Thanks again for a great set, and hope to see your feedback here again!

I am glad to read your comment lember92.) Thank you very much. Girls felt comfortable together. It was a warm evening in July. Very nice now to recall it)

Yes, the girls seem VERY comfortable together )) And no horses around to interrupt them))

It was warm, and the horses were very close. Nearby, there is a creek. They went to it to drink.)

I don't blame them. Being so close to such beauty and not able to participate would drive me to drink like a horse too))

May I think they were all the same. They pranced around near like a hurricane. On them, often had to shout. What would drive away.

Vanda and Gabriel are a perfectly matched set. They are beautiful together, beautiful and supremely sensual. Two perfectly gorgeous young women, blessed with perfect feminine bodies. Magnificent! Very warm regards and best wishes to Vanda, Gabriel and of course my dear Catherine.

Thank you very much Neil. I was worried when I thought about this set. Glad that you liked it. Vanda and Gabriel have tried very hard. I will give to them your wishes.)) They will be very excited)

Unbelievably sexy set Catherine. Those stunning, glistening breasts in #68 are to die for. Every shot is a winner, well-oiled perfection. Thanks!

Thank you great Myshkin. We are all are very pleased that you enjoyed)

Hi Myshkin :) Catherine at her best once again she never disappoints one with her duo sets and this one is no means a dud one either both Gabriel and Vanda B look simply gorgeous together all oiled up it's really eroticism at its best ;) Cheers

OMG yes! Right now I'm hung up comparing and contrasting those perfect lips in #27. These two were beyond gorgeous to begin with, but Catherine brings out the best.

Thanks rags25. I was not sure that I get a good job, I am very happy that I was wrong. Thank you for your praise))

отлично !!

Спасибо большое!!!)

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