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beautiful set of a stunning woman. so sensual, so sultry, so perfect. rated a 10 for sure!

Absolutely love the shot of Gabriel finished showering and in just a towel. That's a sight I would love to see in person day after day.

Gabriel is a stunning beauty. I like this set very much. She has really cute expressions in a few of the photos were water is flowing across her face:)

She is a favorite of mine.

Catherine, I've see this set before and have come back to it a couple of times. I noticed that Gabriel's expressions, especially early on in the series, seem a bit dour if not in fact uninspired. Then, around #111, she seems get some "life" into her face. but altogether, a generally nice piece of work in that confined space.

With this kind of work, you'll always be a favorite photographer of mine.

A set I have waiting for. The two Russian ladies I love most. The most gorgeous model and the top photographer

I enjoyed all the photographs especially 65 showing the sweet and beautiful face of Gabriel and photos 44, 61 and 100 displaying beautiful poses of Gabriel

Good work Catherine. Please give my regards to Gabriel and kiss her for me

Hi Catherine, you say you have a lot still to learn but you seem to be the only photographer who actually answers the comments you get. Thank you very much.

Hi Simon) I am very pleased to communicate with interesting people and this is a very interesting and informative)

Outstanding set! The model is great too! It has been a long time since I have seen photos so well done on this site. Focus, exposure, lighting, contrasts, everything better than I have seen here in a long time. Thank you for this set, and letting us see your talent expressed so well. Keep up the great work.

Hi mchltxxx) I'm so glad that you liked my work. I will be glad in the future work for you)

perfect beautiful pussy

this set has 2 poses bend overs if she would just drop her head down and look at the camera so you can see her face this would be one of the poses I think would be hot I like it just tweek it

Hi rog1) I don't quite understand your comment)

Catherine, if I may butt in .. I believe what he wants is, in photos #46 & 47, Gabriele's face looking back toward the camera.

By the way, I've always been a fan of your work. You know what to focus on when shooting faces especially.

Thank you Catherine for sharing Gabriel with us. I love the variety of poses and camera angles you used in this small space. Were you doing gymnastics yourself getting all the various shots? ;)

Hi Jay Are) Yes, it is necessary to support itself in the good. During shooting of a set it is necessary to move much) Thanks)

Very nice set, great model and her essence is well captured by the photog. I really appreciate the very colorful and open closeup shot #49. It is appropriate to have a few closeups when the model is so pretty there. Catherine, I know you normally like your subject's body hair all shaved (as do I), but Gabriel's well-groomed syle is perfectly fine with me. I hope you can do another set with her.

Hi kilroy) Thank you for your praise) Hair on a pubis Gabriel is successful experiment. I will gradually do more various sets where at models hair will be present.

It would be interesting to see a shoot where a model has shots with and without hair, maybe even a prgression from hairy to hairless by the end of the set. If anyone at Met do it, it would be you.

Thanks for idea. I will try it to execute)

Her back hair and arm hair are amazing! Nice!

The immediate natural - it's so beautiful))

Funny how almost everyone raves about this set, yet it's rated at 8.25... Are people telling Catherine how great it is, then scoring it a 7!? Or 8!? It's no wonder that it took so long for this beautiful girl to return... I'm sure she feels unappreciated with the ratings that her sets have received. If you like the set, I hope you're scoring it 9 or 10.

Thank you very much rockhard)))

Very nice set. The photos are fabulous

Thank you mwalker587. I am very pleased))

Sorry folks, we are obviously in a minority but like tintin I found it rather boring. Shame, I was looking forward to it.

I am sorry that this set called you such feeling. I hope, in the future to please you)

Catherine, you're becoming one of my favorite photographers here. I notice you tend to use more spacious sets, what inspired you to use this one? It's rather interesting.

Hi sundiver) A narrower space makes move. The proximity of the walls creates new points of support. So I am very interested to work in a narrow space. Thank you for your comment. Glad for you to work)

Atlichno Katya. Tvoia modelo --pravda kracivo zhenchina. Esho raz!

Hi adomavoi81) Thanks, is very pleasant)

Amazing set with varied views on a delicious model. Like the freckled face, the back photos...where end. It's possible to repair the incomplete img 102?

Hi Hello) Probably, there was a computer failure by transfer of the file. I am sorry)

...no problem, the following photos on the floor compensate.)


Much appreciate the armpit shots and closeups.

Well) I am glad that it was pleasant to you)

Ochen nravitsja kak Bbi cdelala eto pachti bez photoshop. Lens vecegda govorit pravda. Ya lyublio ee telo--litso, grudi, podmishki, zhopi. Bce prekrasni.


Catherine again you get the light perfect. You consistently do this, and it is beautiful to see the true skin color and details. Gabriel is beautiful and you work well with her.

Hi Gary) Thanks. It is very pleasant to me to read your response) I have remarks to this set, but as a whole it isn't bad. Thanks a lot)

Catherine, thanks again for this beautiful set. I like the way you contrast her darker body against the pale shower wall. The presentation of Gabriel's curves stands out along with erotic poses and close-ups. I especially enjoyed Gabriel's openness in presenting her assets with wide open legs. She is truly a treasure. Keep up the beautiful work Catherine!

Hi William)) I am very glad that you so highly appreciate my work. I wanted to make long ago a set in soul. I looked for a suitable place for such work. I agree with you that work took place in limited places and not so convenient for allocation of a body of model by color of walls. Despite all this the set turned out successful) Thanks for your response)

Wow! shot #49 is one of the most awesome closeups I have seen and that is the most perfect flower that a guy could desire. The contrast of those pink inner lips with the slightly darker outer lips made my heart skip a beat! Thank Gabrial for sharing this with us and thank you Catherine for the perfect closeup of the perfect flower. You really know what us guys want to see and do an absolutely wonderful job of filling our desires.

Hi hipshot131) Gabriel finds a lot of time for the appearance and was engaged in the sports hall much. Its efforts didn't go to waste, it is very good)

Very good indeed!!

Catherine, thank you for this beautiful set. I really appreciate the efforts of the beautiful Gabriel in posing in some many position in a such tiny place. Perfect body. I hope we can see Gabriel again. I enjoyed the set very much. Congratulations!

Thanks JimmyGeorge) The place of shooting very small was valid. I badly represent as it turned out to take place everything in this place) I Hope, Gabriel still will appear)

Your great expertise overcome the difficulties of the tiny space as Gabriel looks perfect in this photo session. I believe that both of you are great

Thank you) I still have this memory of this set. Since the space was small, one of the soft boxes touched the lamp lighting on the ceiling. When we finished, I saw that the lamp burned a hole. So now every time I collect the lighting equipment before shooting, I always see this hole and I remember this set in the shower))

)) )) ;o)

Some days at MET are great, some are not so great. This is a not so great day for MET all around. Gabriel's butterfly shots and girl cum are the only pictures worth a second glance on the entire site today.

My apologies for this post, it is in poor taste! I wish I could delete it. In the future, I will try to put my brain in gear before I open my yap in writing.

Hi Baggy36Pants) Thanks for an appreciation))

This set is not my cup of tea either. Too many similar and boring poses and too few good interesting poses.

It is a pity(... I hope in the future I will be able to guess your preferences)

The previous shoot of Venessa J by H.D. is more to my liking.

Hi tintin) your opinion is very valuable to me, but I am afraid my qualification won't allow me to make such work, I still very many need to learn.

Well done Catherine. I in particular enjoy the three shots you took of the lovely model's thighs leading up to her beautiful pink vagina! I just love the way it leads the viewer into the "target" area! :)


Hi iluvsex) Thanks a lot. I liked this work.

Thank you....how very delicious...:o) My wishes fulfilled! My life complete... ;o) I never thought I'd see this beautiful girl again...

A stunner indeed!

)) Yes, it is model it isn't bad probably. Thank you that you estimated it)

)) It's what I do...;o)


Beautiful model and love her soft peachy bottom.

Thanks) the Model read your response.

She is very beautiful


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