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Gabriel has an exotic look about her (Central Asian or possibly Tatar?). She is very, very, pretty....beautiful eyes, nicely toned body, firm breasts, great derriere, very fine legs, and a gorgeous labia minora.
I would love to see more from her. Gabriel is a fine looking woman.

WOW, what a body!!! Looking fabulous Gabriel.
It's a shame Catherine has her models in twisted, unnatural, poses far too often. Otherwise her sets are among the best.

I must add that Catherine absolutely ruined this set of Gabriel. Gabriel is very pretty in my opinion and she has a terrific body, but Catherine and her damn twisted poses is really just terrible. She makes Gabriel look so unnatural in so many of these photos it is ridiculous. Catherine is very, very, good other than this practice which destroys so many otherwise great sets (she also has a good share of photos out of focus). I probably notice these things more with Catherine than I do other photographers because I like both Gabriel and Luiza very much, but come on Catherine please stop this crazy habit of yours.

While I'm on the subject of criticizes Catherine's work I would like to say one more thing. Other than a few of her sets photographed outside, everything else looks like it was shot in a hotel room or hotel bathroom. What's the deal with that?

Gabriel might have the most perfect small breasts on the site and her nipples are always erect!

I agree....Gabriel has a perfectly toned body, IMO one of the best on Met Art.
I think she's a gorgeous woman.

Sorry, but I'm not looking at the "flash in her eyes, the color of the wallpaper, or what the weather is doing outside"...I'm looking at her nice, perfect ass while she's bending over. It's a great set because of her poses and the fact the pictures aren't blurry.


rachsback, I know that Gabriel A is your favorite....are you aware of the 5 additional sets of Gabriel A over on Erotic Beauty?
If not, you might want check them out. Gabriel is just as beautiful in those sets as she is here.

I hope Met Art listens and brings "us" more of Gabriel A if they have any unpublished sets.
If not, then maybe Catherine has some sets of Gabriel that she hasn't submitted to Met Art???

IMO Gabriel is WAY UNDERATED, she belongs with the top models on this site.


LOL Never made it back P...LOL But of course, I'm here now, and you're not likely to be back... Yes...I "ran" to E.B. as soon as I found out about the sets over there and downloaded all of them! I still can't get enough of our sweet Gabriel... I've all but given up on her posing again, so have to be happy with what she did. Such a shame she quit posing, but I'm happy we still have her...;o)

Gabriel is such a beauty, it is hard to know where to begin to describe her. All features are perfect. Including her freckles. I love the spread shots numbered 71, 118-121. Awesome job by Catherine. Catherine you have such a rapport with all your models and your use of the camera is stunning, as to technical skills and the framing and posing of the model.

Hi Gary ) I Have with Gabriel especially close relationship) We very well understand)) Thank you)

)) Please to pass along xoxoxoxoxo

I notice that the JPEG compression used in this set was 75, and in Genoveffa it was 89. Asevias (also better quality) was 90.

I think the moral of the story is to use less compression.

For those unfamiliar with this, the quoted figures measure quality, so an uncompressed image would be 100. It would also be a huge file.

For example, the Asevias images are typically around 3MB, whilst the Grenier ones are around half the size. You can see why Met-Art prefers more compression, but it does noticeably affect quality.

If they would only encourage their photographers to include more close-ups in the sets, I would be happy to have smaller image sizes. Reducing picture quality is NOT the best way to go.

I think over time, this problem Met-Art will be solved. The quality of the images published by the Met-Art is improving every year.

I think you may have a bit too much time on your hands....;o)

I look forward to reading an intelligent comment from you when you feel able to make one.

Ok...fair enough. I think you are commenting too much about the 'technical aspects' of these photos, spending much time with details that are of little or no interest to the vast majority of members. What do we know, or care about, the compression of the images when we are only looking at the content of those images, and not overly concerned about a small percentage of difference in "quality" between one set and another... This is "photographic art", not "advanced photographic techniques"...;o) Loosen up...enjoy... Discuss compression of lips on beautiful bodies...;o) And thank you for having faith in me to make an 'intelligent' comment...

Rockhard, I think image quality is important. I think it is a good idea to make both Met-Art and photographers aware that we notice poor image quality.

You of course are welcome to tell them that you don't care.

Incidentally, I am not saying that this set is bad; just that it is not as good as could be. Compare it to Genoveffa.

Now, please refrain from telling me how to live my life. I don't tell you how to live yours. If I want advice, I will seek it from somebody who has earned my respect.

"How to live your life"!!??? LOL Don't be misled....I could not care less how you "live your life"!! My responses to your comments can hardly be described as "telling you how to live your life"... Don't flatter yourself by thinking that I care anything for how you live or whether or not I have your "respect"...LOL

(; !!!

Hi) I for a long time was not on the spot. But now I read the comments and answer them) Sorry for not being able to make it on time.

I believe glazar was directing his annoyance at me Catherine....YOU always make 'intelligent' comments...as far as we know....lol ;o)

I am confused by this set. The image quality is not as good as it is in the Genoveffa set (in my opinion the finest set I have seen by any photographer on the whole Met-Art site).

From the image size I assume you are using the same camera (A Canon 5d Mk2, possibly), though the lens could be different.

Possibly the lack of contrast and crispness is caused by glare from the sky, given that you were effectively shooting outside.

Perhaps this lens isn't the best for such conditions. Perhaps you left the lens-hood at home? :-)

As a general comment, I much prefer indoor pictures using flash. The light is under the photographer's control, and picture quality is always superior. But for some reason Met-Art seems to like outdoor pictures. No doubt they think that it is more "artistic", along with zero depth of field, soft focus, poor light, and all the other things that I find irritating!

Models are generally more comfortable being naked indoors too. They don't have to worry about sand in their knickers, nasty insects, sharp sticks, and passers-by. And relaxed models tend to be more exhibitionistic, which after all is what we all want.

Please keep shooting this girl, indoors, and as close as you dare. She's a real beauty, and her beauty is best appreciated close-up!

Hi glazar) I am very pleased that you like this model) When I was preparing this set, I liked the big window, but the light of a cloudy day was obviously not sufficient. The color of the sky is dull and monotonous. I have to this set was a very difficult ambiguous attitude. I saw his technical shortcomings, but to me it was interesting and roads that period of time, when I took it off. Therefore, I suggested that a set of Met-_Art. You have a very accurate observation. I was very interested to read it. Thanks)

Glazor, I am sorry I have to disagree with you regarding lighting. Catherine had used flash, at least 2 flashes to illuminate the front of the model. She used squared soft boxes with the flash as we can see the reflection of these flashes in the eye of the model.

I tried to find the metadata embedded in the pictures to look at the camera settings, the lens used ...etc... but there was nothing. It is true that although the quality of the photos is very much acceptable but certainly it is not as good as the other sets made by Catherine.

I look forward to the comments and explanation of Catherine on your point of view.

Hi JimmyGeorge) the Only thing I like about this set is the early spring. This time of year I really like. There is still snow, the weather was cloudy, the sky is almost always covered by clouds, from the roof dripping melting snow. But ahead of the summer!) Technically me this set is not very much, but I like this time of year) When I look at these pictures, I want to take them off during the bright summer. Of course the quality of the picture will be different. I hope I do)

I hope you do too!))

Catherine used what we call "fill-in" flash. The ambient light was the dominant light source in the picture: the fill just helped to remove shadows. Without it, the model would have been almost a silhouette.

My feeling is that the lens was to blame. Most lenses cope poorly when pointed straight at the light.

Hi glazar ) it is possible, a lens I was too not so suitable)

i agree The image quality is not as good as we used to have from Katya. however it is far better than some of the sets we are having lately.

Thank you very much kkronful) Very nice)

More great shots, but uh... Eyebrows, a little over constrained.

Otherwise wonderful exotic beauty. Nice follow up and excellent outside work.

Thanks Revlis335) Gabriel sorry for her eyebrows))

Hi Catherine,
I hope you respond to your fans comments about Gabriel (especially to rockhard since I know Gabriel is his favorite).
I saw where you responded to a few earlier this week to your Susana C set, but not at all to your Margo G set.
I'm getting a little worried about your health. I hope everything is o.k. and you are feeling better.

Hi negam13) Thanks a lot) I have almost recovered from the disease. I left for a few days in another city, where she spent the casting of new models. Now I'm back at work, I try to catch up on what had not done. Thank you)

Absolutely breathtaking... And this set of pictures isn't bad either.
Gabriel is the very essence of natural beauty. Catherine, you and you alone could bring out the passion of this exquisite beauty! Such a thrill to get another set of Gabriel before my time runs out...XOXOXO
Thank you...both, from the mid-section of my heart!! ;o)

No.11 is just an outstanding shot!! Talk about your "statuesque beauty"!! WOW!

Thank you very much rockhard) A while I was away, I was engaged in casting, and then immediately start shooting. I was unable to timely respond to comments. I enjoyed your praise)) Thank you))

Beautiful work Catherine and Gabriel.

Hi TonyA) I am very pleased that you liked our work)

I'd sure like to know who gives thumbs down to a comment this benign...
Damn kids!!

I know who they can put..)

Gabriel is perfectly beautiful! I prefer indoor shots in winter, as I feel sticking the model in the snow up to her ladyparts is sadistic.That is true even though some models will do it, like Gwen A.( I Hope she charged double for those sets.) On the other hand, posing against a large window so the model is protected but shows the snowy background is quite beautiful when done right, as it is here

Hi 5seadog) This set was made in the early spring, it was a gloomy wet spring day. I think that now this set would have done little differently.

Gabriel A in Grenier by Catherine

An excellent set for A gorgeous model and our top photographer. I enjoyed all the photographs for Gabriel’s body. Katya knows her work well. I only wish if Katya gave us close-ups for Gabriel’s sweet pussy, her nipples and her toes.

Is there any new sets for Gabriel?? When will your site be ready?

Are you ok now? How do you feel? Please reply to your emails

Hi kkronful) Thank you for your concern about me. I am now in order. I have recovered from the disease. Now began actively to work. Work on the site here, but not so fast as we would like. Yes, there is a new set with Gabriel. I hope, Met-Art it will publish. Thanks)

i love you Katya

Please reply to a cold shower... "new sets"??? You mean like this one that was posted TODAY? You may be the reason she has disappeared...

Hi rockhard) I'm not disappeared. Very glad to see you all))

if ypu follow Katya, you could have known she is sick and having fever. wish her rapid recovery.

)) Thank you for your support)

I suspect Kkron is wondering if there are any more sets in the pipeline. As am I! I love this model.

No doubt Catherine will be back in due course. She clearly enjoys interacting with her public.

Hi glazar) I already returned))

Well....I 'may' have over-reacted a bit but he/she sounded sooo neeedy...I almost ralphed. I know she WAS feeling a bit 'flu'ish', but she's a healthy girl and has surely recovered by now. I suspect she's too busy to have the time to "chat"... I haven't heard from her in a few weeks either... She could also be recovering in the south of France...far from the hustle & bustle and US! ;o) She deserves a break!

Hi rockhard) I deserve a break) I was very busy conducting casting, and now I spend my shooting. Shooting'm almost every day. I recently came from the shooting. Shooting spend indoors. And you also get well)

I am VERY well now that you are returned to us...;o)
I'm also VERY sorry and sad that I shall miss Gabiel's new set...
I expire very soon now...:o( Just a few days remain...:o(

So sad that I cannot even spell correctly Gabriel...:o(

I will be the first to admit that I am partial to both Catherine and Gabriel, but even then, what a great set! Gabriel benefits from plenty of whole body standing shots,especially my favorite kind - from behind)).The lines of her limber body are exquisite. The lighting is great, despite shooting against the huge open window pane, and gives Gabriel great exposure, in every meaning of the word. Even though Gabriel opens up in every intimate detail, her facial expressions seem to indicate a secret of some kind. I can never get enough of her. I hope to see more sets of this gorgeous model. Thank you, Catherine and Gabriel, and good luck with your new work!

Hi lember92) I think this set is not the most successful. Shooting place was interesting, but the weather was very cloudy. This affected the quality of work. I really wanted to work with a large window. Thank you for your warm words))

Catherine, while I agree that some of the Gabriel's sets have lighting that is more controlled, I like this set because of many full body shots that showcase the model's natural beauty. She is not constrained in her movements by any props or furniture, and her posing is more free and flowing. I know I am repeating myself, but the standing poses are exquisite. Thanks for the great set!

What a wonderful set of images. Gabriel is absolutely perfect. A beautiful woman in a series of big dynamic poses. What a treat.

Hi Neil) Gabriel worked very hard during this set. I am very glad that the work you liked)

Thanks Catherine for bringing back Gabriel A. This is the second set of Gabriel A this year. I hope that we will see more of her. Gabriel A has a very mysterious look which is very sexy. I like the freckles on her face and as the Irish proverb says: A face without freckles is like a night without stars.

Congratulations for both of you. I liked the set very much.

Hi JimmyGeorge) Gabriel was very glad to read your praise)))

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