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I will avoid the other banter and comment on what I'm good at. The color cast is cyan, so the remedy is to add red. Photoshop can do this easily. Skin tones are important to eroticism, so it's not just an academic debate.

As for Gabriela, ooo-la-la! No complaints there, what a hottie.

Gabriella is a true hottie, and her movie which is up on RA is far hotter.She is a good candidate for Rylsky's Petals series.( He already has Taissia, naturally, and Night)You guys are just going to have to quit eating so much and move to a cheaper place, and get RA, because otherwise I am going to keep on watching and chortling in my snow white beard(unfortunately it is white now that I am a mature adult over 70).Rylsky and Gabriela get a 10+ infinity

I hope tomorrow Gabi's set on RA will be hot as well as movie

Gabriela's a sweetheart, but Rylsky's work seems to be sliding south... Another "blue" set! Unimaginative also. A shame this is the only indoor set today!!

Yeah, he managed to capture the flat, uninspired look you'd expect from some (ridiculously lucky) guy spending 5 minutes taking pictures of his girlfriend before, umm, getting down to business. But maybe that's what he was going for?

Still pretty hot thanks to Gabriela.

Yeah! That's the ticket.... "That's what he was going for".... RIGHT!! As good an excuse as any I guess.... I believe he's keeping the good stuff for his own site...sending the crap over here.

Read my mind? Very well!
Can I ask for use your talent for my interest? Please say final result of NYR vs. MTL tonight - I will bet. THANKS!!!

good comment. please try to do the same in 5 minutes and show me.

I hope your fantasies turns you on.

Thank you, yes, it was a good comment. "please try to do the same..." - not so much. Irrelevant.

Hey, if you got where you were planning to go, whether it took you 5 minutes or 5 hours, good for you!

A little tip for the future: green walls + big green bedspread = you're gonna have to do some color correction.

A little tip for the future: green walls + big green bedspread = you're gonna have to do some color correction.
Agreed, I see, in this set it was not correct. Thank you.


Thank you, yes, it was a good comment. "please try to do the same..." - not so much. Irrelevant.
OK, my excuses if you see my answer as attack, but please understand, we always hope that you feel respect too.

Are you saying this set took you 5 minutes to do??

It shows...

With any answer it only means "try it". I've heard many times about "money for nothing, chicks 4 free, I can do the same in 5 minutes". Anyway it doesn't matter, the main thing stays the same: you 're happy or you are not.


Looks pretty good to me --

❤ Gabby's ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The seller

Seriously... could a model look any more adorable than Gabriela? I just want to wrap her in my arms and cuddle all night. Well, after a little more strenuous exercise first of course, but a lot of cuddling and snuggling and talking and laughing would be mandatory.

Gabriela is very sexy with her legs wide open and doggy poses.Definetly the bed is the place to be.

Absolutely perfect--a "10"

Gorgeous, sexy, uninhibited, happy girl! I love bedroom sets, and this is a great one! Rylsky you nailed with the posing in this set--nothing left out, and all super hot! It's a great day here at MA!

Although I rarely comment on the photography, I can only agree that this is Rylsky at the top of his form. A wide variety of great poses, clarity of focus and sympathetic use of setting displays this attractive model to optimum advantage. I also like the absence of unnecessary lingerie or skimpy clothing. This is as near to perfection as it gets – 120 photos all of which hit the spot.

Gabriela is so very pretty, with a beautiful, happy and inviting face. She is a wonderful new fresh face, with a natural, wholesome and youthful beauty.

Her stubble on her pussy looks like my chin... Sad... let some hair come out and become soft...!

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