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stunning woman, and beautiful dress

Galina is stunningly beautiful. Body and face, an invitation to sensuality. I like every set Galina has made. I like this set!

Unfortunately a set too light. A little less ISO and it could've been amazing. GALINA is always delicious. Very sensual, hot and sexy. Every pose makes me want to make love to her, caress her beautiful body and penetrate her wonderful pussy.

What do you want more of naked Galina?
Galina opens without veils and does not avoid the game
macro of its secrets of woman.

Beautiful 'high key' ambience created by Ron made ​​of light and color

Galina look me don't close your eyes

Galina is a lovely lady with shapely breasts, beautiful labia and a great derriere.

Please don't take this the wrong way as I prefer your tasteful word choice, BUT, I must admit that I find humor in the fact that "Shapely breasts, beautiful labia and a great derriere" means: "Great tits, pussy and ass". Regardless of word choice, in the end its just guys jerking off to pics on their computers. LOL

Oh... is THAT what this is...

This is a decent set with the beautiful Galena as subject. When she smiles, her facial features come alive. Certainly very colorful, the technical element seems to be done well.

There is a lot of repetition of shots in this set. I think the 161 pictures could have been edited down to the standard 120 very easily with no loss of unique material. When there is too much redundancy, it can take some of the spark out of a set.

I agree .. and a bit overexposed in terms of light!

Love those close ups of her tight inviting anus, and wow she has an incredibly sexy mouth

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