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Galina looks gorgeous from behind, also love her feet.

I've not been a huge Galina fan, but... this set blew me away. She smolders with sensuality, then the breeze touches and she explodes into sexual flame.
Very good photography by Ron Offlin, and excellent poses and expressions by Galina.
This set is a 10, I WISH I could give it an 11...

I love the log-legged beauties like Galina. A decent set, but not my favorite of her. A little too much repetition, and I thought I was going to die waiting for her bra to come off. All is well that ends well, though.

that should be long-legged.

LOL "log legged" could work too kilroy! They'd be some awfully good looking logs though...;o)

Long tall Sally, wish her to ride my face, what a woman she is! There is only one place for her and that is next to me! Love this woman, delicate I believe her to be. Time will tell, with her next photo op.

Galina A is Simply Magnificent with her tall firm body long slender legs large breasts erect nipples gorgeous face lovely blue eyes and her sexy smile of hers :) wearing nothing but a sexy two piece lingerie outfit and a white sheer shawl over her shoulders hiding her lovely large breasts nipples within the bodice of her brassiere and her lovely shaved vagina hidden within her g-string in a lovely sensual sexy strip tease ;) sitting upon a blanket covered table within both sensual and sexy poses...I simply adored imaages #20-23 showing Galina's taunt firm body long slender slender legs her sexy ass with her g-string riding up the between the cheeks of her ass in images #20-#23 as she slowly peels of her g-string in some very sensual poses in images #25 to #46 in both sensual sexy poses and close ups of her taut slender body face breast until she slowly reveals her lovely shaved vagina creamy inner thighs with her legs spread open in images #47 to #53 showing both her gorgeous face breasts erect nipples~~with lovely serene side way poses in images #54-#58 with a lovely sexy pose with Galina A's slender legs wide open in a gorgeous sexy pose's in image #56 perched up upon the table :)One has to simply adore the marvelous close ups of her upper body gorgeous face the cleavage of her large breasts cupped firmly tight cups of her brassiere in images #59-#69 finaly revealing them in a lovely close up of them in images #71-#72 are simply priceless :) just as Galina's serene sensual pose's in images #80-#81~~~I loved images #82-#87 with Galina sitting spread legged on the table both leaning back with her long slender one slender leg perched up on the table her other leg touching the floor her gorgeous facial features large breasts erect nipples in full view her long brown hair cascading down her shoulders and back within sexy sensual pose's !!! Not to forget those lovely close ups of her delightful close ups of her kneeling backwards upon her blanket showing her gorgeous face her firm round ass of hers catching a glimpse of her breasts with Galina's long brown hair cascading down her down her back in images #106-#111-#113 with a gorgeous close up of Galina A's gorgeous face large breast sexy firm round ass of hers :) to gorgeous rear end shots of her back arched back her sexy ass high in the air showing her slender long legs firm thighs vagina labia lips There are some both sensual serene images of Galina A to explicite images of her spread legged but she seams totally at home in images #138-#140 with both of her arms resting upon the edge of the table her long slender legs totally wide open her creamy inner thighs with her gorgeous face blue eyes large breasts perky nipples long brown hair flowing down her shoulders :) Galina A is truely a magnificent Model/Lady but i wished Ron used different contrasts of soft and darker lighting as it would enhance her beauty as lot better as it seemed to me it clashed with the setting and Galina's magnificent body and sexy lingerie never the less its still a very sexy sensual series :) :)

❤ at first sight!!!

I have to state Galina A is truely both sensual and very sexy within this latest series of hers.It really shows off her tall curvaceous body gorgeous face sexy blue eyes long brown hair slender legs very well wearing just a lovely two piece lingerie and a sheer see-through shawl over her shoulders within a sexy teasing strip tease with the cups of her brassiere hiding her lovely large breasts her g-string hiding her lovely shaved vagina firm round derriere hidden well within them sitting on a blanket covered table I just have to adore the way Galina slowly peels of her g-string in both sensual images as well as some very gorgeous close ups of her sensuality as she slowly revealing her shaven vagina as Galina spreads her legs wide open in both lovely close ups and poses images #48-#53 with some very sensual side way pose's in images #54-#58 with a lovely side way image of her spread legged upon the table top :) One just have simply adore the lovely close ups of Galina A's firm upper torso gorgeous face long brown hair as she slowly reveals her large breasts perky nipples in images #59-#71 !! I simply adored the way Galina perches herself upon the table top in both lovely serene images as well as some explicite images of her magnificent body facial features with her legs spread wide open as well as Galina sitting spread legged on the floor in different sexy poses...Not to forget those glorious images of her sexy round derriere kneeling backwards upon the floor her long brown hair cascading down her back catching a glimpse of her breast in images #106 to #111 and images #113-#115 Galina A is a stunning model/woman with a magnificent body its a shame that Ron did not use darker lighting either in the background setting or within Galina A's lingerie within her images as i found that they both clashed together thus truely hiding Galina A's beautiful assets ;) still sexy and sensual though !!!

What a deeelicious girl!!! Great set! Galina has a gleam in her eyes that few others here have, and it's very disarming and inviting. 10/10/10!

175cm of pure beauty!

Yes indeed Byron. Also a very fun girl to "chat" with on met-cams :)

apologies, not Flora but Ron !!

Very tame set start ,then it comes alive from 106 with some delicious rear shots .Excellent work Flora . 9 . xx

Pic 108, she seems to be saying, "wait till you see what I've got for you."

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