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beautiful hot girl, beautiful underwear.


Notice the lack of a framed trellis/grate thing. Nothing extraneous here. Even the book jackets match the color scheme. Both simple and fancy.

99. Trapped? Or Trap?

Trap. Definitely.
But what a sweet snare... ( :

Excellent as usual... Galina wins me over every time.
I know that one frequent complaint around here is when photographers "repeat the same shot" excessively ~ but like how Offlin "took his time" and thoroughly examined each pose before moving on to the next.
This approach produced a leisurely and enjoyable feel in the whole set ~ the way I'd like to spend intimate time with a woman, exploring each others' bodies at our own chosen speed.
For me, this set is a strong 10 both for Galina and for Offlin.

A lesson in progression.

Beautiful Galina, how I appreciate visits from you, especially when the photographer presents your glass cutters and multi coloured labia so nicely!

Whoever selected the four beautiful women today surely did a wonderful job!

Incredibly Sexy set...
In my opinion Her Finest!
71-101 Blew me away!
Galina and Ron Offlin bring out the best in each other!


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