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Sexy ... damned sexy!

Dear Met, thank you SO much for the hide comments button. :)

She has the ability to express a passion, but, clowning around is also one of her attributes. Love this woman, I do indeed....

Galina is a true beauty and I never worry about the photog unless he is a total moron. I only want to see what the lovely Galina has in store this time. I gave her a 10++++ and Mr. Sironi a 10+++.

When is Met Art going to get better photographers. Every shoot looks the same. The only photographers that had any talent were Pasha, Natasha Schon and Federov in the early days. These photographers at least tried to make their photos a little artsy, by adding shadow to the poses so that the womens curves were accentuated. Early Met Art Photographers were whole better than what we are seeing now. They did not have the model always looking into the camera and smiling, and just focused every shot on the models genital areas. After awhile they all look the same. The photographers should be concentrating on the beauty of the women, and placing them in poses that are more sensual, not just graphic. Met Art needs to improve there photography or I am out of here.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Agreed it gets pretty monotonous and predictable. I think quantity over quality. You may also well know I'm tired of "almost always shaven", as if a bush were not sexy or otherwise attractive.
IMO tech quality varies from high to low. "Photoshopping" -- digital painting over of the actual capture -- in particular shaven skin -- a whole lot of it, though recently I believe we've been seeing less, thanks in part to Photoshop cops :-)
Bad habits die hard though :-)
I can tell ya I'd never pay for this except for having been seduced by the images of one stunning model, who unfortunately may well be done here.
I'm just hangin' around pretty much to blab and complain and hopefully see her again :-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

"as if a bush were not sexy or otherwise attractive"...

I might add "or otherwise belonging on or to a woman" :-)

Truly one of the things I detest about MA et al -- that there is no or rare place for a bush here, a site supposedly dedicated to women's beauty.

Quite ironic and I must say stupid :-)

Next they'll find reason to remove her head-hair... :-)))

Which model are you hoping will return? I really miss Marina C!

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

A lady I refer to by various pet names, aka Kristel :-)

Ah yes, a stunner. Thanks for pointing her out. Reminds me of Milena D.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Yep, she has varied it like Milena.
Apparently depending entirely on the photog.
And how much quantity-over-quality she wants :-)))

Not that Alex hasn't gotten some good shots of her :-)
Even Antonio Clemens over on Stunning 18 has.

She is or was known as Alice on Femjoy...

Galina's almost feline features and grace never fail to impress me. Those eyes...

Why this chair? It seems not to be very comfortable for the nice

With all the stunning assets Galina has, did anyone else notice her super model cheek bones?

Of course. That's a vital element of her "looks" in general.

I'll take that to mean "yes".

Would like a lot more of Galina!

Absolutely delicious!! Galina has a bright and exciting future....in MY DREAMS!! Super Sexy!! Not a 'super" set, but nice! Keep 'er comin'!!!

Dangerous curves, and a disarming smile......take me away.

Always nice to see the beautiful, sexy Galina again! OMG she has a nice ass!

Killer body, Galina is red hot sexy.

Nice breasts.

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