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Fantastic debut. Wonderful and heartfelt smile, playful and relaxed attitude, lovely skin, nice dreadlocks, flexible body, graceful figure, uninhibited posing. And there's some heels to begin with!

I've always wished there were more ethnicity's on this site and she is a beautiful change for the better.

Fabulous debut, thank you Gana for sharing your delights. My total 'turn on' is the stunning contrast between dark skin and delicious, moist pink in this lovely ladies pussy.

Welcome Gana, what a beautiful body and incredibly sexy little pussy. I'll be licking you in my dreams.

top of top!the best!

Welcome to the coffee bean.
You are beautiful, and naked, even more.
You do imagine warm Caribbean beaches and palm trees on the sand.
Check back soon.

Gana's natural beauty & sexiness shine through...would love to see more sets of Gana.
Thank you Arkisi.

I find it strange that although there are a few sets with lower scores just this month that someone has to say its a racist thing that this girl did not get a better score. Indiana got a 8.15 on her set, and she a top model this is this girls first set, not everything has to be racists unless you want and try to make it so.Likes and not likes so much that's what its all about. Why are they rated any way, their all great to me.

Since we got here, I might point out that there are millions of blacks living in the Russian Federation and Ukraine who are decended from freed slaves,plus more recent black and arab immigration fron America and North Africa, like Selene A from Morocco or Juman and Pasha from Egypt. Also don't forget that large parts of the Russian population are mongol survivors of Ivan Grozny's wars of conquest, and the Ukraine is majority Tatar in some parts (after Ivan got done with them of course)Just besause Ivan killed off 25% of the Rus to make himself the First Tsar and Supreme Autocrat people call him names. So Gana is a very beautiful Ukrainian girl who has agreed to grace us with her beauty. Who cares where she comes from? I gave her a 10++.Her face is a little immature,but time will take care of that. And something needs to be done about those heels.

Another note of interest, Russia was I believe the last major country to allow legal serfdom, right up into the First World War, unless I am mistaken.
....needless to say, the vast majority of Russian serfs were fellow Slavs, not Africans.
Serfdom is just as bad as slavery if not worse, because, just like slaves are not free to leave, neither are serfs. Also, where a slave owner has to pay for housing, food, medical care and all needs of a slave, a serf master makes all his serfs pay for these things themselves.

Such a great body, beautiful pussy and asshole, love to see a hot black girl !

I'm with ya on that, made my blood boil! Very nice photo set want to see more of Gana LOTS MORE!

On the subject of ethnic diversity: I actually discovered MetArt due to some of the beautiful Asian women that used to be featured more regularly on the site. I was mostly a fan of Japanese models before that, but the censorship was frustrating. (Remember photographers like Fan Xue Hui and Yosoudo? I miss those days sometimes.) I remember there being a handful of models who were actually from places like Africa or South America back then, too. I tend to find tanned or darker skin more attractive even though I myself am Caucasian. I don't think it has anything to do with race, because there's quite a variety of non-white women out there in the world! Maybe I just see my own skin color as something I'm too used to. But since this site tends to feature the work of photographers, that's where most of the models come from, and I honestly have no idea how I could have been in the dark about places like the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Russia being such wellsprings of gorgeous women before finding so many of them here. Metart expanded my horizons, so on the rare occasion when a woman of color appears nowadays, I hope that's expanding someone else's horizons as well.

Gana is really cute. I gave her a 9. The long hair is a huge turn on, as is that glorious behind of hers. Posing fully naked in bed - no shoes, no stockings, no nothing - is a great way for a model to make her debut. It makes me wish I could hop in with her for a cuddle session.

Pikake, I couldn't agree with you more. K feel free to add more woman of color be they Asian, Hispanic, South American or Ebony. Gana was totally fearless in her debut and I can't wait for her next set. Thanks Gana, Arkisi and K.

hi pikake Roy Stewart got censored for cause like Golytsin (doing porn) and Fan xue Hui just disappeared. That's why I download,memory sticks don't costmuch and Americans eat too much anyhow.It you want a little more diversity check out EA. Ht has 5 models of color I know of,and I never checked them all.

Who really cares what race or what color you are? All I care about is that no matter what race., color or body type you are, there is one requirement: you are hot and adorable, and even that is in the eye of the beholder. I just love women in general. Period. Hope you guys all have a great day!!

Beautiful little body. Cute face.

A lot of nonsense in here. I would just like to say I like her ass, pussy and would love to spend sometime with her while naked.

More "Arkisi Brilliance"!! Beautiful set of a beautiful new model!! And very exciting and delicious posing!! Welcome sweet Gana! I look forward to seeing MUCH more of you! I'm especially excited about seeing some very creative "hair styling"...;o) Your hair is magnificent!! YOU are magnificent! I wait impatiently! XOXO

To the membership:
I really look forward to the day I can read through the comments on a "similar" set, and see the same thing I see on every other set...."nothing about race".

Wouldn't that be nice everyday, everywhere?

Race shouldn't matter unless you are buying make-up or band-aids.

It certainly does not matter when I admire beautiful women.

Hear! Hear! We don't know anything about this lady's personal family history, but she is a citizen of Ukraine, she seems to have at least some African traits and she is beautiful. If she identifies as Caucasian, that is her right.

Why are you telling this to me??

May be K will fix something. As well as I know, Gana has Sierra-Leone father's roots.
It depicts in her first gallery at MA Network on my site Eternaldesire:
(more of finger job)

"It depicts in her first gallery at MA Network on my site Eternaldesire:
(more of finger job)".....

HUH!? You really have me scratching my head with this!!

Variety on MetArt! What a great set too. Gana is super cute, perfect 10 rating from me. Bravo Gana & Arkisi!

Lovely girl, but 'Ukraine' & 'Caucasian' as in her bio? I doubt it. Who writes that junk?


I believe Gana is a beautiful young woman.

She certainly has superb butt cheeks, mmm~mmm~mmm cocoa puffs complete with glass cutters, and a noticeable and lovely clitoral hood, for starters. She also is living proof that it's all pink on the inside.

I appreciate images like 115 to 119. Gana's hairstyle made it much easier for whoever set up the pose.

On second look, this girl is absolutely beautifu, - changed my rating from 8 to 9! Great face; please more!

Very nice to see a lady of dark-skinned African descent for once. We need more who are classy, stylish, and beautiful like this. In all fairness to the low raters they may actually be making the point that they want more black girls eve more beautiful than Gana, because we know how beautiful women of different racial origins can be, simply, let's see more of the beautiful black girls. By the way, Gana, great stylish shoes and great work from Arkisi.

Very pretty woman - and she has an ass! great set !

So lovely to see a beautiful woman of color in today's updates. There's no reason our talented photographers can't continue to bring us more!

Super cute, super sexy, with that blend of innocence and eroticism that drives me wild. Welcome to a new favorite!

Gana is a very cute girl and I enjoyed her debut set here. As one who cheers for variety, I like seeing a more varied ethnicity. I liked having her hair up at first (to not cover her body as it surely would have) and then down at the end. What a surprise to see her long braided lengths! Nicely shot in the Arkisi tradition, with proper attention to all parts. I hope to see her again.

Gorgeous young woman! Hope to see more of her.

Very cute girl with a great ass

Before the race card is tossed out could it be possible some actually do not find her attractive. Black / White / Yellow / Green who cares. Opinions are different.

There is beauty in ALL women, regardless of ethnicities. Everyone is entitled to their preferences. That does not make them prejudice.

Fully agree!

I love black and asian girls!!! But - please - before endless spreading one non-spread, upright standing, full frontal full naked view - this means: One n o r m a l sight of her beautiful nakedness.

I would second that - a full frontal standing pose(s) would have been a nice addition to the set. Especially appropriate for a "Presenting..." set.

In the low ratings you can see that most customers on this site dislike black girls. Unfortunately. She is sweet and beautiful and has a delicious pussy.

Oh c'mon, Josh, that is such weak logic.
If an 18 year old new model had a "Presenting" set that got low ratings, would you accuse us all of being biased against young models?
Or a 25 year old model, would you accuse us of not liking "mature" models?
Or a redhead with a low rating, would you accuse us of being biased against redheads?
...think about it a bit before you go making blanket accusations, OK? And if you feel you must make such an accusation, then use better logic in doing it.

Josh, I think you are reading something into it that may not be there. Need more logic and less assumption to make a statement like that. I like Gana, and most of the comments are positive. The ratings system here is flawed.

A bit jumpy.

In the ratings you might see love of color tempered by dislike of a jaundice like color/light combination that some may think does no justice to beautiful skin. Or one might see a dislike of medusa like hair spreads (as Eric Laticka so often does with Milena). Or one might see the result of those whose reactions to nude women are overwhelmed by an inability to appreciate without a particular hair style.

Mr Arkisi, an aesthetic or sexual attraction does not amount to racism. My tendency to be attracted to women with dark hair and skin does indicate an aversion to the existence of Norwegians.

I read a few years ago that 25% of black men in Alabama were legally prevented from voting (due to convictions). Those of us who give a damn about creating a better world might start by ignoring the trivial and might start paying attention to the important.

oops. "does not indicate". bad place for a mistake.

Yeah, hidden racists still exist, believe or not...


I am Caucasian and I prefer Asian and Black girls. Am I now a racist???

You should rate beauty beyond "ethnicity", beyond the paradigm "like- don't like". Leave it for unintelligent people.


I trust that your own intelligence allows you to realize that it was you who started the whole "race" discussion with that strange comment about "hidden racists", a most unwelcome contribution on this website.

@ Hottentot:

I was semi familiar with the word you chose as your member name, and a search turned up this link (just saying).


Not being physically attracted to a race is not racist & to think otherwise is missing the mark badly. There are quite a few models here with equally low scores, & are every color of the rainbow. Why? Because we all have different preferences!

I think this site should have more black girls just to show equality to all the girls

I obviously agree. The name "SouthernMaster" is most unhelpful, however.

My username has nothing to do with my views on ethnicity.

"My username has nothing to do with my views on ethnicity"
OK. It still is most unhelpful to the sentiment expressed.

Sorry you feel that way. Personally, I judge what a person says, not by trivial things such as usernames on websites.

My assessment of what you said was: "I obviously agree".

You don't owe me an apology for my feelings.

For Gana fans, Arkisi also debuted her on his site, EternalDesire.com, this week. If you enjoy this set, you'll like that one too! ( :

a gorgeous girl. i enjoyed seeing the details of the treaures on her body. indeed a very hot girl. i thank Arkisi for his efforts in discovering this beauty and in showing us the beauty of her body.

an excellent work by Arkisi and Gana. wish to see more sets of these two .

Gana is gorgeous with a fabulous body.
Ethnicity cannot be Caucasian. I believe it should be Ebony

"Ebony" is NOT an "ethnicity"....it's a COLOR! Like the wood.....black! Gana is "brown" and clearly "African" at her roots....at least half.
Don't take your anthropology clues from song lyrics...;o)

on Met Art search engine "Ebo" is one of the ethnicity there..

on Met Art search engine "Ebony" is one of the ethnicity there

"Ebony" is progress. Until very recently, models of African heritage were listed as "African American. " Even Aubrey from Nigeria, Malibu from South Africa and Pammie Lee who is Russian was listed as African American.

You're exactly right...their "ethnicity" is "African", their "country" is "Russia" or "Nigeria" or whatever their country may be. "African American" is simply incorrect if they are not from USA.

  • 2 years ago:


Thank you so much I missed this smh. I got so excited to publish a new woman of color I put her on my schedule in a hurry. Should be corrected now.

many thanks K

If she is part African like Pammie Lee or Alexander Pushkin she can identify with the Caucasian side of her family, if she wants. It is her choice. We have no right to tell her what ethnic group she belongs to.

Hey Neil and K check my post down below.Some girls of color are not Russian,others, like Pammie Lee Identify with American immigrant family( Pammie is better known on EA as Winona.and is not immediately recognizable as she has found a stylist who understands black girls hair)and some are very firm in African I.D. like Selene A who spoke only Arabic and chased donkeys in the streets of Fes until she was 5 when her parents immigrated to Russia.

FYI, when I worked as Arturo with Winona for EA, she said her father was from Nigeria, mother - Russian woman, white. What American immigrant family? :)

Very pretty Gana. And very exotic. A very nice debut of a beautiful young lady. Very nice indeed.

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