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Nice to finally see some hot ebony asshole and pussy !

I guess I'm falling hopelessly in love with wonderful Gana... *__*

very nice, I think there should be a lot more ebony girls on this site.

She is magnificient. She has a gorgeous pussy, an incredible mouth and gorgeous eyes.

OH MY GANA!! You are a Goddess of the Highest Order!! Your visits are transformative! I bow to your Magnificence! Fantastic set Arkisi! Keep 'er comin'!! ;o)

What is with the rating average? This is a 10 in my book.

Well said Mleo, it beggars belief that Gana gets scored so low when you get skinny tattooed girls scoring a lot higher; makes no sense at all. Hope it doesn't put her off modelling because she is truly a stunning, beautiful lady of colour. Come back soon please Gana; some of us are madly fixated by you!!

Proof positive of the age old maxim "It's all pink on the inside".

#65 if anyone doubted it!

What 'mature' adult would doubt that!??

Sweet young body with beautiful boobs.

But when looking at the tags, why is 'anal sex; one of them? I think that needs to b removed as a selection under tags. I see it all of the time. How does a woman showing her ass mean anal sex? Grow up.

Everyone has always said..."the best way to treat the tags is to ignore them". Is someone forcing you to read them??

The thing is, they could actually be used as a tool to find sets with a theme or feature that you like. For instance, hair color, bust size, body type, lingerie or not, etc. etc.
It's just that they got hijacked by some people who just want to write something attention getting and vulgar rather than using them as the reference tool that they could be if used as designed.

Right... There ya go bringin' up an "ideal world"... ;o)
WE know what they're for, but the hackers think they're being funny and love all the chatter about their antics. "Ignore-ance is bliss"... ;o)

  • 1 year ago:


I am actually glad you brought up the tags because we are in the process of changing that system. Originally it was meant so members could tag the sets with useful key words that would assist them in finding related galleries. With a tag like "anal sex" on a soft core site, that definitely doesn't apply. We will keep all the members informed about when the tags will be different, should not be long :)



Thank you K. Lesbian is another when all there is is a single lady who has never posed with another woman.

Thank you K, that is welcome news indeed. ( :

That also goes for the tags of "licking ...."
Thanks K.

Good on you MET, good on you K!

One of the most sensual, sexual, and erotic Met Art sets in a long time. Incredible sexual positioning, expecially the 'spoon' shots. This young lady is exotically beautiful and we need more of her! Excellent masterpiece Arkisi, you're getting better and better!

Gana has an extremely erotic, hot ass and anus. I love the detail shots.

What a cute little temptress.

I am bored with vanilla flavored girls. I am happy to taste for the first time, a chocolate flavored girl. Gana is more than gorgeous. She is divine. She deserves 20+++++/10. I have her two sets, and might join Eternal desire just to get her third set. I adore this girl and adore every part of her chocolate flavored body. I love her face, her eyes, and I love her firm boobs and delicious erect nipples. I love her ass and her dark chocolate flavored pussy with a touch of pink strawberry flavor.
I am ready to pay my whole life for just few hours between her legs kissing, licking an eating that delicious dark chocolate pussy with interior of pink strawberry.

K, please more sets of Gana on Met Art.

I agree, need more variety on this lovely site

Fantastic set of pictures, beautiful model with a great ass

Another wonderful explicit set of this gorgeous young babe - in white panties - marvelous!

Apart from giving us some superb, intimate views of her considerable assets, Gana does have the most beautiful winning smile, which is a great way to start another busy week..

More of this beauty soon please

Image 99 How much would I love to eat that !

Nice. Glad to see some dark skin. And always happy to see ass up face down on a bed. I wished all models would do some of these poses like sapphira. I never seen her do those poses and I wish she would.

Regardless. Nice model and lovely position

Charming brown lady - touching allowed! Perfect body, wonderful skin.

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