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I'm always a fan of bathroom/shower scenes, because they usually guarantee all clothing present will be removed and we will see nothing but wet, glistening skin from head to toe. In a sparkling white bathroom, of course, it's nice to have a model whose skin and hair color helps her to stand out from her surroundings.

Oh,yes,she´s nice.A pity such a low score

The Seller

this girl is incredibly cute. a perfect body. love her tiny tits!

I couldn't agree more, her tits are absolutely perfect!

Why does Gana always garner such low scores???? Unbelievable!!!! She's absolutely gorgeous and I gave this set a 10 before I even viewed it and I don't do that for many model sets. Please keep coming back Gana you are sooooo cute xx

The lower score might not be about Gana, but the set overall. I appreciate Gana, but the bathroom/shower scene is not my favorite. I liked her first two sets better and scored them accordingly.

Gana's set is beautiful and sweet. Gorgeous body.

And like they say, it's all pink on the inside.

The tub is where I wanna be.Her body is totally awesome.

The tub is where I wanna be.Her body is totally awesome.

I'm glad to see more models of color. people forget that meny North African moved to Russia and Ukraine to get a modern education because of the problems they otherwise have in western Europe. Between the decendents of slaves(slavery was not abolished until 1882)and North African immigration,plus decendents of black members of the Communist party in America,the last count I saw was around 12-14 million.(Pammie Lee,A.K.A. Wynona and Lubatchka was in this last group)Gana is a very lovely model and I hope she will keep appearing in the Met universe.

My Goodness!!!!!

That's a very happy towel.

This fun-loving, cute little Nubian princess is captivating.

Lovely set of this cute, sexy young babe

Gana has a beautiful firm athletic body, awesome nipples and a very uplifting, winning smile..!

Gorgeous 10/10 & more soon please (hopefully in white cotton panties)

Such a beautiful and exotic young woman. This lady is a pearl of truly great value. A very nice set.

The contrast between the pink pussy and the ebony lips - almost artistic

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