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Oh yeah! Gotta LOVE those outdoor sets!! Don't ya just love the fly on her ass in 59 & 60...!? Charming.... Time to outlaw outside shoots!

Beautiful girl. I'm glad the sets improved considerably.

Thank you for showing off your beautiful vagina, even though the photographer doesn't know how to focus his camera.

Wow...thanks for bringing Gea to us. She is beautiful in every way. I hope to see more pictures of her.

Excellent set. Gea is gorgeous and Slastyonoff is on point with the photography.

Gea is natural beauty with a superb body and a wonderful pair of breasts. She also has a very sensuous mouth.

Love to see some indoor shots of Gea wearing some sexy lingerie if poss...

Presenting Gea by Slastyonoff

a super-gorgeous girl very young. i like every part of her bodu, her beautiful ass, her long delicious legs and neatly shaved pussy. her boobs are fantastic, but i doubt they can be classified as small. i presume medium will be better. K to answer

nice work by Slastyonoff

The breast size mislabeling is a classic MET inconsistency. Look at the very first photo #1. Are those 'small' breasts? Not by my standards.

If she was 5'5" I might agree, but she's 5'10", and for that height, "small" is correct from where I'm looking. It's all about proportion.

Nah... The more I look, the more I realize I am in error...
Medium IS correct.

Yep, definitely should have been labeled medium.

Nice set. I wasn't sure how much I'd like this set at first, but then something in her eyes kept me engaged. And then by #49 or so I was almost feeling how soft and curvy she would feel next to me... And by the end, well, her passion has kept me coming back for more.

love the bubbling excitement coming from between her legs

Gea is quite the beauty. I'll look forward to more of her.

Very nice debut for Gea.I'm looking forward to enjoy her future sets with that body of hers.

Gea was originally to be in tomorrow's line up (8/16). Met apparently pulled Karina O's set and moved Gea up so we got her a day early. Members that sign in early in the morning missed this set and that may be why the scores are low. Don't know why Met would screw around and play musical chairs with the line-up several hours after posting, but it unfairly affected this new model's popularity.

It isn't a bad set, even though it is outdoors. I would like to see an indoor shoot for Gea next.

Gia is hot! Wish I had a girl like this in my yard, but its no go, I live in a church-run retirement home and can't manage without aide and homemaker service. Dreams are free though

Gea is a very beautiful woman!!!!!

Gea is a very beautiful woman!!!!!

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