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Slastyonoff, Find this young lady a horse, if you are staying outside. Then we will see an even bigger smile...

Gea A very very nice girl.
Outdoor lights are often out of control.
Many photo are overexposed or underexposed.

How do we know the water was cold? Looks like a nice summer day to me...

If you run across a similar stream on a similar day, put your hand in the water for FIVE minutes, not the duration of a photo shoot. Then report back to us how the water was.

that's one smooth beaver!

Scored low due to outdoor location.

I like tall, leggy women like Gea. This is her second posted set, also outdoors. I like the shallow river bed setting done like it was, and the poses are good. I would still like to see an indoor shoot and more photos that accent her height and long legs.

And without a fly on her ass!! That would be nice...

And without a fly on her ass!! Same one from first set!??

I'll say the same thing about Slastyonoff and Gea that I do about Jan Vels and Gwen A, which is I hope she charged him at least double. Sticking a model in icy water or in snow up to her ladybits is a little sadistic to me, and if the girl agrees to it, I really hope she charged for it. That said I think Gea did a fabulous job of posing and I love her strong, athletic figure.

lovely and gorgeous model;

i do not think that Gea's boobs are small as Met Art classified them!!!!

no, not small. There is no consistency in the bio's.

If by inconsistency you mean truth, I agree.

  • 2 years ago:

Hi SouthernMaster,

I am not sure what you are referring to. All bio info, etc is provided to us by the models and photographers. There have been some minor errors but when we have over 2000 models, a couple of mistakes are normal. You are welcome to email me at K@met-art.com and alert me if you believe you have found any inconsistencies and we will look them over. Thanks!

Oh my! Gea. You lovely thing. I have fly fished for many years in creeks much like that one, but I have never happened upon a sultry mermaid like you when doing so. May my fortunes change soon!

No on the water!

I appreciate Gea taking off her clothes and posing for us! I also appreciate her: areolae and nipples, love handles, long and shapely legs, lovely labia, beautiful big butt and for posing in that cold water for so long.

Kudos to both Gea and Slastyonoff.

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