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Gea looks so sweet and innocent and delish!!!

she is so cute! sexy panty.......... shoot. nice

Welcome Gea. You are a splendor.

The last time I saw you was confused in the mists of the swamp.
In the swamp or too much light obliterated the details or the lack of light hides them.
Slastyonoff is a fine master of the female nude and this time he has you dedicated a perfect ambience, simple and bright.
And I've watched you for the first time.

You are a splendor.

what she was in a Swamp?

LOL "Wordshopped" for effect...

In the set 'Konuda' Gea was in a marsh, in standing water.

Incredible breasts.

No make up, doesn't need it!

I'm sure you'll agree, Link, the only makeup most women need is a warm smile.... ( :

I agree...but happy you said "most"...;o)

White panties As pure as the driven snow and they are surely lust worthy......

I agree with Kilroy – it would be good to see this tall and elegant young lady in more standing purposes showing the full magnificence of that perfectly proportioned body (or walking in the open air in a video?).

Yes, Billyboy, a video of Gea would be wonderful!

Beautiful face, great butt, and a sweet smile. Gea is lovely.

No doubt. Moist inviting pussy is the best.

Indeed, moist is good, but this looks like oil to me. I'd be really surprised if that were her natural lubrication.

At last we get Gea inside for a shoot. Yea! The only thing that would have made this set better would be some full body standing poses and others that would show off her very tall figure.

Love the white panties!! Lovely young lady. Beautiful moist pussy. Maybe a set with satin bikini panties...she would look hot in them! Either way, we need more of Gea...

Agreed, 012tdln!

Her smile makes me smile too. Very cute and very sexy.

She is so young, the panties fit the image. She is much prettier when she smiles. Myshkin is totally correct about her pussy. Maybe she enjoyed the set a little too much.

"Too much"? No such thing, my friend! ( :
She is adorable when she smiles, here's to many more!

What is it about white cotton panties that makes girls look so sexy?

Unfortunately on MetArt the white cotton panties are rare, very rare.
When there are make us happy as kids who peeks under the skirt of a beautiful girl.

Agreed, gaetano...

I don't know, but I completely agree... they're sexy as hell.

fer_realz, when I saw the panties, I knew you would like this set.

Ha! I guess I'm getting a rep. ( :
I'm glad that it seems that the photographers are paying attention to remarks on the comment section, even if they don't respond themselves...
It would be nice to hear Slastyonoff or Goncharov's opinions on matters like this.

Sadly, those two major photogs do not contribute on this forum, as is the same for Leonardo and most of the others. We are blessed with Rylsky, Catherine, DeltaGamma, Flora and occasionally Arkisi as the only photog commenters. Sorry if I left anyone out.

Lovely wetness, in fact pussy bubbles, in the last few shots. Hmmmm!

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