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Very scrumptious!

Gea 10+
Slastyonoff 10+

Oh. My.
Our little Gea really does clean up nicely, does she not?
This is the perfect illustration of the girl next door turning out to be the gorgeous swan... lovely, lovely lovely.
I find especially amusing the mischievous twinkle in her eyes as she begins removing the thong... and this twinkle reappears regularly throughout the rest of the set.
Tomboy she may have been at one time, but she is fully aware of the effect she has on boys...

I'm blown away this set rates 7.96, should be way higher. Maybe some of the viewers don't actually have sex with women? Because if you do, it's plain to see this is a woman ready for sex. *sigh* If only I could indulge...

I've noticed Slastyonoff seems to have attracted a band of hatas, Red...
I'm not entirely certain why, because he was one of the pioneers of the explicit shot here on MA... when the other photogs were still doing pussy shy, he was getting down and dirty.
I honestly don't understand (and I don't think he particularly cares) what his detractors don't like about his shoots.

I just discovered this beauty.... Wow!! I love it when a girl enjoys her work!! ;o) A good example of a true "exhibitionist". Love the bubbles!!
Some decent sets so far, but the inside ones are the best..imo. I'll enjoy most anything that Gea will be doing.

I really enjoyed perusing Gea's latest set, especially the last handful of photos. I love to see models aroused by their posing and Slasty does not shy away from documenting Gea's lovely wetness. Thanks Gea and Slastyonoff!

Gea looks almost as turned on shooting these pics as i was looking at these pics. I love seeing a model get excited about her work. Thats when you know she is really feeling it and has a great chemistry with the photographer. Well done Slastyonoff.

And even Better Done GEA:-)

You are absolutely right though, The model's excitement shows her trust in her artist, the enjoyment of her work, and the fact that she just loves to tease the stuffing out of us:-) And that is my satisfaction, desiring the unobtainable, yet it remains desirable and totally pleasurable.

My little Gea Pet!!!

A very hot woman indeed who definitely checks all my boxes, but I just found the shot selection in this shoot left a little to be desired.

What "little" else could you possibly desire Alyssa? I'm truly interested in what you think was missing from this... Can you give me the juicy details?? ;o)

❤ the pouty lips, dimples and ski slope tits!

Beautiful smile complete with dimples (√), love handles (√), innie (√), great derriere (√), very nice labia (√), lovely Czech (√); all in all, a beautiful young woman.

Kudos to Gea and Slastyonoff.

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