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Wow Geisha is a stunning beauty with a lovely bush and an ass to die for. Please let's have more of this gorgeous woman.

Oh BOYYYY! she's beautiful Thanks 'n' Take care

A stunning, incredible, arousing set, wow, please bring back this goddess soon and don't change a thing

Boring, mostly out of focus. An obvious use of point and shoot equipment not properly used. Very disappointing from a photographer who used to do good work.

Sure, there's a lot of attention Geisha's gorgeous bush and pussy. (I love it!) But she also has an outstanding ass. Check out photo 96. In future sets, I'd love to see some nice ass feature shots.
She's a beautiful girl, great smile, very natural, please come back soon!

Very pretty young lady even before her clothes come off- Naturally beautiful with a fresh youthful look, Geisha has such a gorgeous body. Oh, and long live the pubic patch............ I grow tired of seeing young women with pussies that look as if they belong on a prepubescent girl.

Let's make love, bb! Very sexy, dream pussy....

What a woman... How superb to see a nude young real woman with her pubic hair... Somehow it's more sexy and real, I wish more would let their pubic hair show...

Gorgeous girl and perfect hairy pussy. Please keep it like that!

it is a 'presenting...' set. Always feel lenient.
it is an outdoor set. Like those a lot.
naked feet.


I just don't find her particularly attractive. Hm.

Not attractive? I think we do not live on the same planet. Taste is very personal I believe.

Please don't change a thing. Poromov wish there were more focus on some of the shots wish I could've seen her armpits more as they're just right.
Thanks for the shoot though. I'm making it a favorite.

Where are the Nazgul?

I enjoyed this set as something a little different. An attractive young lady, one you might see in real life, posing in a natural environment. Hope to see more of Geisha, perhaps in an indoor setting next time.

I am beginning to see how the Met-Art photograghers are distancing them selves from the models, perhaps to allow them (the models) to express that which lays within them. Long range telephoto lens allow this distance. Subject of picture can express desires and needs without being intruded upon by photographer. There is a liberty allowed by long distance. Even if they know they are being viewed, it is at distance, there fore some liberty to express natural tendencies develope, us payed subsribers reap the rewards of this exercise in photography.

A young nymph, residing by the waters, total interest is given. She has much to aquire. Her siren song sounds loud; we will wait and see how her attributes aquire followers.......


I have a feeling that #93 will become one of my favorite wallpapers!

Please, please, please, don't ever, ever, ever, shave . Or trim.

WOW!! Awesome setting!!! Awesome girl!! One 'minor detail' away from a perfect set! The shots showing the entire tree with Geisha in the roots are amazing!! This guy Paramov has an eye for what I'm looking for here.
The entire set is just amazing... And Geisha entirely gorgeous!!(with that 'minor detail' being the ONLY exception of course...) Much more of her please...

Pretty. Amazing youth. Natural, lovely bush. Heaven.

It's also pretty amazing that she was able to collect her hair so neatly in a bun with no comb, just one clip, all while standing on the beach naked.

Welcome Geisha new treasure in the safe of MetArt.
I prefer girls without hair on, but your beauty and your sex appeal makes you beautiful even natural.
We hope to see you soon again, and for a long time, naked and without shyness, to show us, all your treasures of young woman.

very bad environment for the model and for those who look at the pictures.

Geisha is lovely and has a great attitude. Modeling comes naturally to her, her comfort in posing is obvious. I love her bush, and wish she'd let her underarm hair grow longer. I wish more girls would do the same. Shaved is getting boring.

Beautiful Geisha! I really don't like beach photo sets but she rises above it all.

Giesha is perfect! She is a natural outdoors model with both the coloring and the the physical strength to pull it off, plus a very beautiful figure and lovely face. Her smile is just perfect. Unfortunately Paramov has not lost his obsession with sticking the model in snow, cold water, and other winter places until she freezes her ladybits off. I sincerely hope that Giesha is charging accordingly. Giesha gets a 10, and Paramov has to get a 10 too.(I never said he was a bad photog, I just don't like what he does with some Models)


Geisha presents the fantasy of good fortune to come across a feral wild child in an unexplored wilderness, who has never even seen a human male; having being raised by wolves and all. Consequently, her attraction to you is willing and most giving. You guys know what I'm talking about. What a lovely girl; very natural in all ways; love that smile; very foreboding, yet very inviting. Must c more of her in nature scenes. Excellent work!

Oh my lord, what a stunningly beautiful girl. So natural and pure. Utterly wonderful.

Perfect Bush!

Wonderful! Don't strip too fast. Il love pink panties. And I love hairs on the right place. You can almost smell the scent of fresh hay.

This is a very nice introduction to Geisha. I hope she visits often and for a long time.

I would so appreciate reading some detail(s) from Paromov about this gallery. I doubt that will happen given the volatility of comments generated by some of his / her earlier sets.

A very warm welcome to you Geisha, you are a treat for these old eyes to behold! Kudos to you Paromov for utilizing this very interesting location.

Baggy, I second your invitation to Paromov to jump in to the discussion here on the comments forum.
We'd love to hear your impressions of the shoot, and your reactions to our feedback. ( :

I'll Third That!

Such a beautiful young nature girl. Geisha is lovely.

And no, I'm not talking about the scenery, though it is.
From starting the set in a pair of real panties, like a real girl would wear in the real world, to her nicely trimmed bush, to her infectious smile and pretty, real girl-next-door looks...
This set is spectacular, and I hope there are plenty more of Geisha to come (hint to Paromov: I'd like to see another set with her hair up, like in the concluding shots).

Interesting set, I like it.

I'm impressed by the root scars.

that is a great example of a lovely bush on this girl... Wish more girls would grow it out...

Not too much, not too little... jussssttt right!

Geisha, Good debut, don't get upset if the rating is low. You are a beautiful girl and I hope to see more of you. But we have some anti-bush members that will cut you down and some other members who will claim you were abused by the rocks and stuff but don't fret you belong here...

Very well said!

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