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A "turn off"? That natural pussy is as good as it gets. There is supposed to be hair there! Too many models shave it all off. I love that guys reckon they can tell a girl what to do with their body! Long live the natural bush!

Gemma is super beautiful, and I really dig that she doesn't shave.

Sexy Gorgeous ,erotic.Rylsky at his best

i love this girl! my mouth literally started watering when i saw her beautiful bush sneaking out of her panties. I find her totally arousing. She has a beautiful face and a body built for sex.. please dont shave Gemma! you are amazing!

Don't care for hairy pussy. What a turn off. If you wanna show your pussy, please get a clean shave.

I am in love with her nipples !

beautiful & kind eyes, soft & sensuous , full budding nipples , soft hair all over ......for me a powerfully erotic combination

Regarding props, I felt the top was way overused

Agreed: lose the clothing. Gemma has such a gorgeous, tight stomach, it's a shame to cover it.

Glorious. Outstanding work!

Such a beautiful model; the hair just adds to the natural look. Love it!

I very much prefer Gemma clean shaven, but enjoy her either way. Such a beauty!!

Compared to her previous sets, this one's pretty mediocre...

Love this model but I don't love the hairy bush. I am not a fan of the cave woman look. I don't mind a bit of hair but she could at least shave the bikini line. If it's outside the panty line it's gross! I know there are those that like this look but I wouldn't want to lick that. I come here to see pussy and when it's covered with hair you can't see much.

I really liked the outdoor portion of this set. Very refreshing and endearing.

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  • 3 years ago:

Gemma has that simple, girl-next-door beauty. She is lean, pretty eye, beautiful smile, excellent lighting and photography from Rylsky, as always. The natural bush look is fantastic on Gemma with long soft hair down there. I too like the trend of the returning bush, especially when supported by natural beauty and superb photography. She is an underrated model from members but scores high in my book.

You said everything I was going to say. I love feminine muscle, and her sleek arms and legs and tight tummy are first-rate.

I would agree with everything except Rylsky's supurb photography. Although he is one of the best overall, he lacks the ability to direct the models in posing with clear presentation of what we are all here to see.

OMG! WOW! What a "BUSH"!

Beautiful girl and I love her hairy pussy :-)))

A delicious panettone girl.Don´t shave that cunny please

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