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Flare from waist to hip!

Fortunately, our photographer frequently excels with models in small spaces; be it window sill, bathroom, or hole in the wall. This imagery escapes its confinement. Which is good. In bathroom locations, the photography is sometimes poor enough to give tile or tub the most interest.

Huge meaty lips.

Nice pubic hair, great looking body would like to see more of her.

The right balance of closeups and non closeups. Its all in what the girl wants to show and she likes to show us her pussy and anus a lot, Im not complaining.

Wow I have missed Gemma a lot. Great set!

The looks she gives, the ways her eyes in just one image will stop me in my tracks, make me linger, seeming to hold years of conversations, candlelit dinner talks, pillow talks and what's whispered afterwards.

The kind of looks that stay with you, haunting every relationship that comes after, even wiping out the slammed doors, the final click of a suitcase as she's leaving… all seems forgiven, in just one of her looks, and it's a new beginning.

Thanks, Gemma (and Rylsky) for coming back.

Too many close ups!

I am confused. Please explain.

Gemma still like ice cream?
Italian ice cream is exceptional.
Gorgeous girl.
Excellent set.

Yeah? Ours is better. So there.

Gemma, I saw again the pictures of this set, and I want to tell you you're amazing.
Beautiful without any other adjectives, fully-uninhibited, without shyness, you recite perfectly in this not easy performance.
Thank you for having opened for us the safe of your jewels of girl.
Thank Rylsky to have them "stolen".

looking at this set created a mental picture of a douzend+ guys constantly yelling 'show us your cunt, dammit! Don't be shy you stupid broad! And now your asshole. Fuck, hurry up you bitch'

Not a good picture at all.

What exactly are you trying to say with that vulgarity, v-man? I really don't understand.

So sad. The effects of that drug in early pregnancy.

Oh no. I am on top of that fellow below. Again.

Mmm- Soaking wet Gemma fantastic.

The ONLY appealing aspect of this set is Gemma, and she's VERY appealing!! The last set I have of her is almost a year old...that's WAY too long to wait for yet another BATHROOM set!! I ask again...what is this fascination with BATHROOMS!!?? And wearing clothes in the BATHTUB!!?? I'm happy to see the praise here is for Gemma and not this set!

I sit corrected...tricky! I guess you CAN please some of the people ALL of the time...

Yo, "rachsback" --

Yes -- but not all of the people, some or all of the time.

The "Brits" are well known for their "pottey humor" -- but, I too, don't understand why bathrooms are considered sexy.

Cuz showers together are fun?

Incredible photography Mr. Rylsky, beautiful composition and lighting, great job, well done!

And, of course, there's that ultra feminine creature also :-)

So very hot the way she hangs her wet ass over the side of the tub like that

I certainly can't disagree with THAT!! One of the few highlights of this set...

Trust the Master to give us the yummiest panty shots we've seen on MA in months... ( :
My day has just been made.

Amazing woman... lovely to see her back here. One of the most desirable pussies

I am happy to see Gemma again. She is very sensual and seductive. Lovely, perfectly shaped feminine figure. Absolutely gorgeous. Beautifully enchanting face. I love the delicate panties. Very nice.

Gemma is a very under-rated model. She photographs so well, she has such a seductive appeal to her poses that I scrolled the entire set one photo at a time. Very hot. I agree the panties are well used here to create the undressing affect. I certainly prefer Gemma natural and feel she has the best bush on MetArt. Its sad to see it shaved up, but she does so well in this set, I just love seeing her sets. Fantastic job on the lighting and the poses Rylsky. Please post more sets of her, and if you have any influence, please as her to stay natural, as so few models on this site are willing to do. Excellent work.

Her plusses: she is long and lean without being too skinny
her smile is inviting and seductive
her poses suggest a provacative nature

Her poses provoke a suggestive nature.

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