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So glad to see Gerra is back, she is just so cute and a true beauty


The seller

How come I never have totally uninhibited women come on my job sites looking to do a photo shoot? Gerra is a sweetheart. Focus issues kept this from being a 10.

Why take pictures outside?
This set is an example of what happens to take pictures outdoors.
Grey day, diffused light that flattens every detail.

Scenario: An illegal construction abandoned.
Dingy is a eulogy.
Photo dull, low color saturation, waxy appearance of the epidermis. (perhaps a result of excessive post-production).
One word:
Very bad photos unworthy of being posted on MetArt.

(K maybe the crisis is felt and MetArt buy the photos on the stalls of the fleas?).

Delicious, uninhibited, very nice Gerra.

If the set is intended only for lovers of gynecological examinations .... throw away these criticisms.

Watch Ingret-Gerra, Rylsky-Gerra.
(Especially Aqua is an extraterrestrial set).

Primo ass and giant clam!

Stunning model!! Absolutely delicious!!

All those fantastic spread shots and not one clearly focused on the labia! This little dream worked her butt off showing off that sweet little thing and he focused everywhere but her most awesome part.

Thanks hipshot, I'm glad I'm not the only one who cares about questionable focus decisions.

I agree with Myshkin. I waited for Gerra for a long time. I love totally Her Smile:-) Thank You Prestige for this beautiful Gift. More of Gerra please, we need You... Kisses all over Dream Beauty:-):-):-)

A rear to die for .

Luscious Gerra and her trademark leg stretches have been away too long. Lovely to see that adorable face and hot bod again!

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