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Amazing kitty!

Photogragher Prestige, has captured a seductress, inticer, and siren in Lady Gerra. She is set in a natural setting; adds to the seductiveness.
Her lack of inhabitions, display of natural self become quite eros.
Her femininety is always a wish, only to be hoped for. Such are the ways of life. There are those whom enter, and we ascribe to them, so is she Lady Gerra A.
Excellant, glorious, and may we please have more?

This woman, beloved Gerra A. has the most eloquent way of rife rift. Her seduction is beyond measure.
Figure is tight and needs no introduction, she is supreme woman. I get carried away by her.........

The photographer captured the very primescence of lovely Gerra A.. In the wild of nature, she is a neolithic beauty set in her enviroment for this shoot.

This woman is maturing into a stability which needs much review. Glorious are you Gerra.........

Such a beauty, and I love what water does to nipples.

Герра має гарні очі і соски.

Gerra on the rocks, make mine a double, no a triple!

Even with the delicious Gerra playing on the rocks, I'm lookin' fer TROUT!! These river sets are double fun!!

Only you, Rock. ( ;

Wow, what a perfect beautiful blond face and body. My opinion is that She is under rated. I am going to down load all her sets to be keeper. Look forward to see more of her in the future... What a wonderful joy to see her naked images...
Thank you very much!

She is one of my all time fav models.

A very exciting lady and a good shoot location. It's no secret that I often prefer indoor shoots, but this is certainly done well, so its not an issue.

My only suggestion - I would have better enjoyed Gerra from not so far away. A closer view of a real hot pose from behind like 79 & 80 would have been much appreciated. Perhaps next time. High points for Gerra and her smile.

Agreed, she is such a treat it would have been nice to see her more closely.

Not a big fan of outdoor settings... But Gerra pulls it off very well. Bright eyes and a sparkling smile... Gorgeous!
Gerra you are Lovely as ever!


Thank You Prestige for this set:-) The Dream Smile of Gerra is to die for... Her Body too... Totally kissable all over is this Yummy Strawberry:-):-):-) Kiss kiss Gerra...

Yes! Totally kissable all over!

Gerra is a natural and has another "thousand-watt smile." Absolutely precious...

Still one of my favourite models.....

Lovely girl, Nice setting and good lighting. A pleasant set but a bit distant. No real close in shots. The model is more than willing but the photographer is shy. ;^) Kind of a waste of resources.

I share the same opinions. Its probably more often the other way around - the photog is willing and the model may not be.

I fully agree! Not just Gerra's best set.

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