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I wish Rylsky's images were sharper with better fine detail. These are lacking those qualities.

understated elegance would be my opinion....

She has such a serene, radiant beauty about her, it's quite elusive. Gia has always been one my favorites; flawless body and in my opinion, one of the best vulva's on MA. Quite possibly perfection of the female form....

I really like Gia. She seems to fly under the RADAR....not a highly talked about woman, but definitely one of Met Art's top women IMO.
Gia has a great body....let me restate that....a PERFECT body.
I also love her smile and overall "aura", to me she appears to be a genuinely sweet and kind person.

Nice work Rylsky (my bad, I neglected to put Gia in my list of favorite's), this set is a definite 10 in my book!

I have to agree on the vulva. It is indeed splendid.

"Splendor in the Grass" indeed...beautiful shag!

well, I am a sucker for outdoor sets and she is a pretty girl - but somehow the whole set is kind of... bland and boring.

The pretty face,the beautiful breast,the awesome body,and etc are hard to resist.

When I wrote which of Gia's attribeauts I liked in this gallery, I increased my rating on her bio page.

Thank you Gia, thank you Rylsky.

Somehow such a pale beauty as this just seems out of place in this bright sunny meadow. I am surprised the Rylsky was able to shoot her pale skin in the bright direct sunlight without have problems with washed out skin.

She is lovely and does have a nice light touch. Nothing brash or in your face but stunningly sexy. If you are going to have hairy this is a beautiful example of how it should look. Photo #48 is absolutely stunning and in High res that set of pretty pink labes is mouth watering! This to me this is perfect grooming of a picture perfect creation.

10/10 for me.

Does Gia remind anyone else of Meg Tilly as Chloe in the Big Chill? Or am I just showing my age again. Great poses. As Sailor says. "Hell, even her feet are perfect." What a doll....

I hadn't thought of the resemblance to Meg Tilly but now that you mention it I Have to agree. And you're not alone showing you age. :)

I also hope she lets her bush grow out completely.

I also have fond memories of Meg as Chloe and agree that this model shares her quirky beauty. Gia has a quiet, understated beauty with a shy smile and a sensational slender body. Just thinking of her silky thighs and gently rounded bum send shivers up and down my spine. Frames 53-66, 85-86 & 100-101 are a joy for connoisseurs of the female behind.

I absolutely love this remarkably beautiful young lady. Gia is incredibly gorgeous and this set is a tour de force presentation. Every photo is perfectly lovely. It seems the shoot took several hours as the sunlight changed and the shadows lengthened. It seemed to me that this set was the product of a long days work done well. Gia should be very proud of the result.

Here's the quietly beautiful Gia in all her understated perfection—flawless skin, flawless face, flawless breasts and so on through her pussy, bottom and legs. Hell, even her feet are perfect. And did I detect freckles in those portrait shots at the end? That does it. I'm in love.

The freckles do clinch the deal for me too!

"Quietly beautiful" and "understated perfection" are perfect descriptions of Gia.

The china-doll perfection of your face and those perfect, perfect breasts have made you a favorite of mine since first I saw you, angel. How totally gorgeous you are. Thanks! Be happy!

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