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each pale redhead with hairy pits just deserves a 10 nothing less

Love her hairy armpits. Do not sahved, please. It looks fantastic, sexy, beautiful

Love her hairy armpits. Do not sahved, please. It looks fantastic, sexy, beautiful

Love her hairy armpits. Do not sahved, please. It looks fantastic, sexy, beautiful

WTF! Shave those underarms! A hairy pussy is OK. But those underarms?

Interesting and cute model, interesting set up and light, but very few interesting full body poses and most of the pictures show the model wear clothing - what a wasted opportunity!

Gillian is one of my all time favorites. I love looking at her femininity. I can almost smell her sexy scent.

Lovely underarm hair and pussy. Nice tits too. More please.

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  • 3 years ago:

This is a great set. Best in a while, because the simple black background brings focus on the model. Beautiful natural model Gillian. More models need to go natural once in a while just for variety.

Beautiful girl!!! There do seem to be relatively few full body shots in this set--my preference is for a 50/50 balance of full body and cropped in shots. I also luv it when a girl is smooth all over, but to each his own. Gillian would be beautiful either way!!!

Gillian, thanks for being so natural. I always did enjoy a pair of soft thighs on either side of my face with my nose buried in warm bush as my lips kissed and sucked a woman's pussy. How I miss the 80's! Also love your creamy white ass with the red hair between the cheeks. Sexy as hell.

Love your new feature "Age first shot"!

OMG, this is SEXY.

A soft, warm, feminine woman laying back in submissive poses inviting you in....

Fantastic set. I gave it a 10.

Thanks Gillian and Rylsky.

For me what is sexy is lightly hairy armpits or obvious stubble or atleast some stubble. Smooth armpits might as well go on a manaquin.

Nice touch using Roy Stuart's book as a prop. We can only hope that Rylsky is moving in the same direction, shooting (both stills and vids) of more 'natural' girls. He has shown a propensity for this in the past, and I for one hope he continues in this direction. Lest I forget to mention Gillian, she seems to be a wonderfully open, everyday (yet quite beautiful) girl. Whether photographer direction, or model ability (or both), this achingly too short set is just to my liking. Please encourage more girls to be more 'natural'. (It always amazes me when people complain about naturally thick pubic/armpit hair can't seem to see that many girls on this site don't shave/wax their legs, arms, backs, or whatever.)

I consider this model to be very sexy and attractive, but I concur that I prefer to be able to view a full photo and choose my own close-ups. I end up deleting most of those pix. I also feel that it is very odd to move to a different setting and suddenly have the model clothed in the middle of the set. I do not appreciate this.

Hairy armpits are not sexy.

Does your girlfriend feel the same way about yours?
Or perhaps you shave yours, along with you legs, back, pubic region, etc.

'Sexiness' tends to encompass more than just one specific part of the
human anatomy; it is a combination of physical characteristics and
(perceived) personality traits that combine to draw any given individual
to another. Not one of us is completely perfect, yet we are still
drawn to each other in various ways.

That being said, this session may have been purposely planned this
way, or perhaps it just happened; we'll never know unless Gillian or
Rylsky chime in. I personally like a little variety. I also happen
like the 'natural' look.

I just don't feel it's my place to post negative comments about a models
grooming habits. Yes, I find certain things unattractive, but I don't
believe it's my place to point out my preferences when I can understand
that someone else may enjoy whatever they see or feel about something.

Rylsky has to be the THE MAN in photo journalism!

Image 66 is fantastic!!!! In particular!!!!
I love her hairy vagina as well!!!!

She is beautiful and appears like a marvel, but her bushy pussy denies her a higher rank.

A beautul model with nice attitude and a photo grapher with a special feeling. I want to see her once again . A video could be nice.

I do not prefer this style of photography. Almost every photo is a small portion of Gillian's body. I understand you want the camera to focus on certain parts of her body. I would rather be able to do that with my eyes not with the zooming in with the camera. This method of photography takes away the chance of viewing the entire body. I am an admirer of the female body, I love looking at the body as a whole. I just like my eyes picking what part to zoom in on, and not having the camera do it for me. That is why high resolution is better than zoom solution!

I agree

Thanks for bringing Gillian back. She is definitely one of my all time favorites. I love her kinky hairiness.

I, too, love her 'hairiness'; however I don't particularly that it's 'kinky'; I simply love natural girls who don't feel the need to groom themselves to look like an 8-year old! (:

Few images in this set, but the pic quality is -- as usual when it comes to Rylsky -- HIGH!

what a gorgeous set !! Rylsky is the master of erotic photography.

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