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Hairy is true gold ! and Gillian is an amazing young Beauty (with capital "B") ! Wonderful photo set ! Compliments to the model but also of course to the photographer who captured perfectly the charms of Gillian ! Thanks !!!

May be I'm old fashioned, but I adore hairy women ! It's the quintessence of beauty ! among many other gifts of mother Nature !

Beautiful girl- I hope she keep that sexy armpit hair. Beautiful

Gillian is pure gold. Every photo of her is perfect. I bet her passport photo could be framed and sold by international art dealers. I for one would love to have the chance to meet her. Of course I can't speak Russian but it would be nice to try. Her eyes are so expressive I feel like I know her voice.

I love Gillian. She has an awsome body. Such beautiful breasts. Milky white skin. And that stunning red hair cascading down over her body. As for her body hair, if her maker put it there, how can it be bad. But most of all, she has the most expressive eyes. I feel like she speaking to me in each photo. In her bio she writes of being an artist and I agree with her. You can see the artist in her. I look forward to seeing much more of her.

I like the was the colors in the backgound highlight and bring out the beauty of her hair and complexion. I am sure she and Rylsky put thought into choosing the location.

Give me more of this gorgeous young lady.

Hairy pussy and armpit is obsolete. Major turn off.

Loved every photo. Gillian when I see you like this I can only think of kissing you all over and then have you sit on my face! You're a darling.

Think of her pretty pubes as fine champagne with the tiny bubbles gently caressing your nose,lips, and tongue. Exquisite....

Gillian is quite possibly the prettiest lady you've put on your site! I want to see more of her. I'm not sure that I care for the B & W shots, but maybe I'm just jealous of the photographer and the time he got to spend with her.

I prefer girls who look like grown women, not like little girls,

lots of pussy closeups. Maybe the ob/gyn wannabes will calm down for a while.

Well, I hope this keeps the fuzz-lovers happy for a while and we can get back to the sleek, slick and smooth pussies the majority of us prefer.

Yes, we fuzz-lovers are happy again!!!

I love her hairy armpits, and there should be more poses showing them. In this set her head hair seems to be deliberately used to cover her arm pits and this detracts. I a girl is going to have natural body hair, show it! I have noticed that in many Rylsky's hairy sets, he hides the hair. If the models were posed as they are in other sets, we'd see the hair.

Why stop with pits? Why shave legs? How about hairy arms and a hint of a mustache? Lotsa girls for you in Bulgaria.

LMAO! I do prefer the way American ladies "groom" themselves. Just a little "thatch above the hatch" is ok with me, but that's about it. I say; Honey, Please shave your legs all the way up and around, so I can kiss you "all over and over" ! ;)

I think she should groom the "beard" like a Vandyke -- George V looked pretty good in one.

Nuts! The only V shape, that I wanna see on a woman would be between her legs! (¡) ;) !!

Cute little Redhead. Me encanta cuando usted abre tu peludo, poco coño! Abierta y cremoso! Sabroso poco chumino!

perfect except for the hairy armpits.....shave them!!!!!!

What a sex goddess. Especially her armpits. Thanks Rylsky. Bomba.

Hair is hair. Love it all or not at all.

enjoy (using search of met-art site)

1. Date published: 19.09.2010
Title: Presenting Gillian
Featuring: Gillian A

2. Date published: 03.08.2011
Title: Pares
Featuring: Francine A & Gillian A


This set is very near perfection, thank you for it.

Gillian in this set, along with 'Evenings' and 'Krullen' make me
very happy!

If you still have any contact with her, please encourage her to
participate in many more sets like this one!

Thank you.
I will inform her.

Any set of Gillian justifies the entire month's subscription cost.
Absolutely yummy.

I love me some red head hairy open cunt.

Mmmmmmmeee too! Wow! what a beautiful hairy pussy! amazingly hot young lady....

Its great to be a MET subscriber on a day like today! Starting @ Amelie and all the way to, and including, Gillian. Not a fan of the under arm hair, but everything else is very nice. I like Gillian's hair, her labia, the butterfly shots and her pubes. Rylsky must have really cracked the whip, the curls in her hair didn't last through the shoot.

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