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Thank you indeed Flora!!! Leonardo was about to kill this girl's career!!

Gillian is such a pretty lady. I'm glad she came back to us!
Thanks, Flora... nice set!

Its been so long, I had to be reacquainted with Gillian. Beautiful face with enchanting expression. Curvaceous. It's a simple setting with open spaces and plenty of light, and it works. Just a chair for props and no distracting jewelry, this set is all about Gillian.

She has three other sets, but this one shot by Flora is her best so far in my opinion. A nice mix of poses and close ups not seen before now. I hope Flora gets to stay on the job here.

Pubic hair as Hitler's mustache.
Beautiful her eyes.
Beautiful her smile.
Beautiful her pink exotic flower.

I am not happy with this set. The girl is gorgeous, but the pics themselves look like they have been shot with a cheap 'more megapixel is better' camera.

Welcome back, it's great to see you again beautiful Gillian, your last set was 13 months ago, which is a long time. I really hope you won't disappear again, because you're a true gem and we would like to enjoy your photos here on Metart more often. I like this set a lot, the location is nice, the poses are pretty good and the closeups are sensational. Flora is a talented and skilled photographer and this collection proves it. I always enjoy her work, hopefully she'll send in more pictures in the future. Overall I'm very satisfied with this set, but I think Gillian is so gorgeous it's almost impossible to take a bad picture of her. :)

Hi Arthur II! Thank you very much for the tip! It is - one of my favorite models, with her is very pleasant work! Soon with her will be released video :)

That's great news! I hope we'll be able to see many videos by you, Flora!

Gillian,you´re a dream girl.Come back soon.

The seller

Fantastic to see lovely Gillian back after an absence of over a year. Even better to see her posing for some wonderful bottom shots that were missing from her previous appearances.

There were other types of shots missing from her previous appearances, too. This is a more well-rounded set.

What a remarkably impressive young woman. Beautiful shapely feminine figure. Lovely face. And Gillian likes sky diving a scuba. She knows how to enjoy her life, it seems. Well, good for you Gillian. You are young. You are beautiful. The world belongs to you, enjoy.

beautiful bush...

Well,a tiny diminute,short an trigonometric bush.A wink at the "bush lovers club"

Who doesn't love a well tended bush...

What a lovely discovery! This is the first time I've seen Gillian, and she's absolutely captivating. I'll be downloading more of her. Thank you, honey.

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