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Gorgeous ass legs and feet!

Hard to believe there's not a word about her tat. As it should be!
Beautiful girl whose career could well have been saved by Flora! Leo was about to end it with the stuff he was doing with her...IMHO!

Gillian has a "girl next door" face but there is nothing commonplace about her body. Her breasts, ass and pussy are absolutely gorgeous. When you put the combination of her face with that body you have the best of all worlds - an easy going girl who can rock your sexual world. I have not followed the photographer's work closely but I judge it to be superior. Flora has a way of using the camera to beautifully display the sexual essence of a woman. There is no reluctance to show Gillian's beautiful pussy and ass in enticing close ups. A woman's beauty is not just her whole self but the intricate delicate detail of her breasts and nipples and especially her pussy and Flora does an excellent job in capturing all these wonderful details in sexy, tasteful close ups.

This is a good set. I appreciate Gillian's beauty and features. The lighting and poses are good, too. The only thing that I missed was a front standing shot like 103 or 120 only facing forward. Gillian's back side is lovely, but I like her front, too!

Good job Flora, and thanks for chatting with us.

And thank you! It was nice to talk)

Very nice set with lots of open wide and rear views.

Gillian is out of the question as beautiful as ever offers herself unsparingly.

See a set of this kind on a site that says it wants to do Meet the erotic with the Art is unacceptable.

Aesthetic and tecnical quality is zero.

I've seen very few bad sets here in the past two years where I might think quality is low, but none as "zero." This is certainly not one of them, and no one else so far has commented so strongly negative, so please explain yourself.

The least you can do for Flora is tell her what it is you don't like. Your other comment below indicates that you don't like Gillian's pubic hair style. That's not Flora's fault, so what else is it?

I would like more informed comments. Why aesthetic and tecnical quality is zero?

This is my personal feeling.


A studio poor, a sofa placed in the kitchen are not pleasant.
the bright blue of the couch does not have another color in agreement (only the orange of inception).
In my opinion, to make a pleasent photographic studio
it takes a white wall, a colored spot and a armchair.
The main subject is the model and everything else should valorise it discreetly.


A half door and a half cabinet in the background, a coat rack on top of the model are not pretty.
The lighting is flat and casts a pale light.
There is not a play of lights to liven up the scene.
The pictures are not bright but very soft (perhaps an excess of post-production).
The model is mostly with her eyes closed.


Very, very valuable.
We have to say thanks to the model of being so nice and generous.

True, the lighting is flat, grant you that. But saying "zero" is pretty harsh. Your description above is much more useful.

I must agree the sofa in the kitchen was a bit strange...


Flora, no need to worry. When a complaint is so poorly worded, you have to consider the source. Aesthetic and technical quality are just fine. Trust me, I am a photographer, I know.

Isn't it beautiful what is beautiful but what pleases.

This is a studio apartment. I moved a little to the left of the sofa that was a good light from the window) specially picked this place for filming, because before it took off in the other rooms and some did not like - that the decor distracting from the model - you want to look only at the model, and not on the palace furniture) Flat lighting - I always thought that the flat lighting can be a couple of flashes on the sides, which kill all the shadows, but not a day of natural light. There is only one source of light - from the window. more a matter of taste, to someone like daylight, who do not. So with the richness of the photo - I think they are bright enough - such as it is, someone wants more richer) Each time, more and more I read comments - and I understand that adapt to each does not make sense - Someone will always not satisfied .. To someone like sets in nature, to whom it was only in the hotel, someone at the studio on a white background. Who would not love the sets in the bathroom, someone bored with the kitchen .. I did for yourself some conclusions) The most important - do not read the comments at all :) Thanks very much for yours constructive criticism and dialogue for pleasant dialogue :)

Thanks for your explanation of how you decided to shoot this set, Flora. It brings the set alive more, to know those details.
It reminds me of how deltagamma74 has been providing "production notes" for his sets lately. It is a very helpful feature for us members. ( :

I enjoyed the views inside this girls yummy little treasure box... great trimmed bush too!

great trimmed bush too as Hitler's mustache

You're NUTS!! There has to be a hundred models that have a patch nearly identical to this one and never a comparison to "hitler's moustache"!! Ridiculous!!

That way of trimming is not my cup of tea either, gaetano, but being mean is not really appropriate here. Just my opinion...

A fantastically lovely woman. I love those sweet open pussy lips and that adorable smile. Thanks, sweetheart!

Gillian is a beautiful woman who radiates a mature sexuality far beyond the 21 years alleged in her bio. This lovely set was photographed by Flora, who has been making quite a splash lately (or is it just that I've only recently noticed her?). Whatever the case, this is a formidable duo that wreaks considerable damage on all of my fetishes. xoxoxo

Big thnx!)

You are quite welcome. I love your work—and your models.

Thanks! Very pleasantly! Soon there will be new sets with new models! I hope that you will like)

I just looked through your work to date for MetArt. Very impressive. However, I have some bad news. After careful consideration, I have decided that I must take Gillian home with me. She is just too beautiful to leave in Ukraine. I know this must come as a shock, but I'm sure your new models with help fill the void she leaves behind. I promise to take good care of her. xoxoxo ;))

I here thought - If you take Gillian take me too!) ahah)))

Sailor, I won't fight you for her, but you have to promise to let her out to shoot with Flora once a month, okay?

Soon we will go on a vacation together and I think I do a lot of beautiful photographs if possible and under water diving too) If you take her, I will miss)))

You're welcome to come along. I have agreed with kilroy that Gillian will be free to do photo shoots with you every month. xoxoxo


P.S. I'll teach her how to use an aqualung.

I feel the same about Flora, Sailor... and it really helps that she likes to play with us! ( :


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