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Gillian is stunning with that incredible body and those piercing blue eyes. My ONLY wish would have been to see some of those black pearls find their way into that perfect pussy in shot #76. Her gaze and her legs spread perfectly open while her bum rested on the pillows gave us delicious access to her wet pussy. Following shots left no doubt. Very tasty!

Anyone needing an education in what constitutes real erotic photography need look no further.


The seller

  • 2 years ago:

Quite possibly the best set she"s done!

I think I'd have to agree on that.

All I have to say is she got a great bod.and nice lips..hahaha both of them:)

Gillian is quite stunning with a beautiful winning smile and a body to die for. The full black panties are so sexy & some of those close ups are quite superb...more of this gorgeous woman (& her full panties) soon please

Great set, Gillian melts my heart. Arkisi, you do such a fine job with the photography. The views inside her are an added bonus.

Comments like the one about jewelry can be worded carefully so as to be constructive. We should give some thought to our comments IMHO.

This set, and increasingly this site, is diminished by gaudy, distracting jewelry. Jewelry, if any, should be minimal and it is difficult to get it to add to a nude photo. Usually it detracts.

Really? Jewelry? THAT'S what you're first drawn to in this set? You have a serious case of ADHD. I agree with rags25 in this respect. I think you're looking at the wrong things.

Dear Gary as a female member for years now i quite like the black beaded necklace around Gillian's neck it added a certain flavor to both her long brown hair and those gorgeous hazel eyes of hers its not if she covered with them.Sometimes one must look past the jewelry and concentrate more on how it highlights her beauty.I did'nt see anyone complain about Jasmin J's Debute series with her pierced nipples as yet !!! and be careful what you post as both models and Met Staff read read them as well too !!! get real Gary its only one necklace and by no means any offence meant each to their own i guess.Cheers from Australia :)

rags, for what it's worth... I didn't feel that Gary's complaint was a criticism of Gillian, and it focused on one specific aspect of the shoot, the choice of accessories for the model.
I felt it was a constructive criticism for Arkisi, and not over the line by any means.

beautiful girl, beautiful face, beautiful eyes. ugly panty

The panties aren't my cup of tea either, but by #32 they are gone.

I LOVE panties, but when they're high enough to cover the navel, they are "granny panties" and face it ~ Gillian does not need that kind of support, her body's tight enough without it!
Now, a low cut bikini panty is sexy as hell. And so is a white cotton panty. ( :

Gillian you are delectable. I love your beautiful face with those fantastic dark-gray eyes. (Your bio says they're brown, but my computer monitor says otherwise.) Hell, I love every inch of you. My offer to teach you SCUBA diving still stands. Come back soon. 10s forever.

Dear Sailor read her bio again or wipe the dirt off ya monitor Gillian B's eyes are hazel and very piercing to gaze into almost mesmerizing and she certainly has a radiant beautiful face :)

It was late, and I was distracted. Cheers


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