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Amazingly open and sooooo inviting! Gillian has really hit top spot with her fantastic smile and willingness to invite our eyes into that delicious treasure between her legs. The best set I have seen on Metart!

  • 2 years ago:

Wow. Arkisi does a great job presenting her again. And I'm still loving the black nail polish.

Wow! Very arousing set. beautiful girl. great body. mesmerizing eyes. I love the way the black hair matches the black bush and even the black nails were a nice compliment to all the black hair... A very nicely coordinated and incredibly sexy look...

Excellent. Very sensual and sexy. Love your butt, Gillian B. 10. Well done!

More Gold for the Arkisi Team!! Spectacular! And those gorgeous eyes could prove to be lethal... This is the very essence of eroticism, done artfully. 10's all around!

It's rare that we get to see inside, now that's what I call an open invitation! And Gillian is so pretty, we are all lucky to see her showing off her eroticism.

When I see Arkisi, I know it's going to be good. But this one surpassed my expectations. Bravo!

Yes, she likes it :)

Full tits...❤ 'em!

A Pretty girl standing beside her bed taking her pants off is one of the eternal verities of life. I guess that is why Gillian (and Arkisi) couldn't wait to show us. I have to agree. This is s very good set as good as the ones she did with Flora. I don't think the first three sets with Leonardo are as good, as another commentator(I forget who, but at my age we are lucky I can still spell)pointed out Leonardo is a technically good photog, but he imposes his personal tastes on his models too much. This is absolutely right. I gave Gillian and Arkisi a 10+++ on this

Gillian is quite stunning with a beautiful face, captivating eyes and a lovely smile.

She also happens to have a very beautiful body - ahh those full wide breasts...

The full panties are so sexy - just wish she could have kept them on for a few more frames! Maybe next time

I agree, bikeman, if they're going to go to the trouble to put sexy panties on, the photographer ought to get a little more use of them before having the model take them off.

Pretty pink interior! Thanks for holding nothing back, sweetheart, you have gorgeous eyes and such a sweet smile xxx

A lovely treasure down there indeed....

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