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The seller

link to high res zip broken...

Love your screen name!

started quietly but some women when the clothes come off, they take the oxygen from the room. The lovely smile warmed me with the hot popka and it kept getting better. I'd bless the Ukraine if I were holy.

Gillian is totally beautiful in the dress, and even lovelier without it. The up-skirts are good too. I do wish she would wear a V like Ulya I (AKA Klodi) they look good, and indicate the total victory Gillian has achieved. The setting and costume are perfect,and so I have to give Arkisi a 10++++ and the same to Gillian B

God, I haven't seen one of those Vs in years! Thank heavens! LOL They always seemed distracting to me. ( :

Gillian, you become more and more gorgeous with each visit.

Perfectly feminine, powerfully sexy, and your smile warms the heart.

You're rockin' hot. You do great work.

Thanks, Gillian and Arkisi.

WOW, you have one beautiful sexy body Gillian!

Awesome chair to pose this beauty on!! Gillian's just as sweet as she can be!! Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!! Nice set.

Well, Doug knows what he likes, we just have to hear it every time!!

Well....we don't actually "have" to... We can just ignore his comments, or turn them off completely...which isn't a bad ideas some days.

1) Those eyes! Wow....
2) Indubitably, PP Club material. Any seconds?
3) I know some members don't like nail polish at all, and some only like in natural or in shades of red. But I thought she rocked the black polish, on fingers and toes. It works for me. ( :
All in all, a very nice collaboration between Arkisi and a stunningly beautiful woman who just keeps on growing more beautiful. ( :

I agree with everything you've written here, my friend. Kudos on the close up of her pedicure.


Voted in by affirmation!

Nothing erotic.

Amazingly beautiful girl, Gillian is completelystunning and those tits are simply magnificent, they just cry out to be held, even Gillian herself can't resist, my word what a lovely sight!.

@ bobblehat:

Hear hear.

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