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get a better camera already you cheap bastard. 12 megapixels in 2014? It's a crime to show these beauties in such resolution.

Don't change a thing, sweetheart --

You are delightful just the way you are'

"10" and "10" again !!

Gillian B is a very beautiful model who wears cute panties. I have to say that I like the lighting Flora uses on EA in her shoots of Gillian a little better. It allows for more contrasts. However this is very good but I like the shoot from page 3 on better. A little more light on pages 1and 2would have improved the shoot. but that's just me

Very sexy butt. Very sexy poses. Excellent photography.

This visit by our lovely model taint a bad reason for a nomination to the Association.

Ahhhh... I see what you did there, Magwich. ( ;
Seconding your nom...

Gillian is the type of woman I wouldn't mind being locked up in her bedroom with her for a couple of weeks!

Nice trim and stunning pussy.

Nice trim and stunning pussy.

Hey maybe u should post this on Facebook.

correct, but Facebook prevents nudity!!!

Awesome set, Gillian and Arkisi !

Love the shots from behind with one leg up, Gillian. Breathtakingly sexy.

And, your smile !


A extraordinary good set. since a long time i did not see a met art such a gorgeous girl professionally shot exposing every detail of her body. her boobs, her nipples, her delicious pussy and her sweet ass were shown in great detail and perfect focus.

excellent work made me fall in love with this girl.

finally i discovered clearly that girls have nipples on their breasts.

They certainly have :)...

thank you Arkisi for this nice set. the bad photography lately in MA and bad focus made me forget that girls have nipples on their boobs.i was also about to forget how pussies look like.

thank you Arkisi.

Sometimes it takes a few sets until a model grabs you, and until this one, Gillian has kinda flown under my radar.....that's all changed, now.

I like the black/white contrast with the bed clothes....interesting. Also worth noting is the sparing, but good use of the mirror. Too often, when a mirror is in the set, it almost becomes the focus of the set.

(Not that I'm a fan of them, but the tat on Gillian's lower back in earlier sets, seems to have disappeared.....).

I feel the same way, I only really discovered her after she already had several sets on here. Guess the radar can't contain her!

Luscious pouting pussy and tight, dark anus. Irresistible ... What a huge turn on!! Love the nail polish too :)

Not so "dark" as you might think though - think is's a function of the lighting instead. But the NAILS - yep, they're wonderfully done. Great reflections of the lights in them.

Right ... well then, "dark" in the pre-postcolonial sense of exotic, unknown, and inviting :)

Once again, pretty panties were prematurely pulled down before being appreciated from all angles.
Other than that, a very nice set of a sultry lady. *hem* Time for another glass of iced tea! ( :


Why not just dump it over your head. That ought to cool things off a bit. Or, conversely, start wearing refrigerated undies. ;-)

And yes ... would have really liked to see the panties on a bit longer - at least a couple of full-on rear-end shots with them on before they were so hastily removed. But nice none the less.

I've always liked Gillian since her first postings. In my opinion though, Gillian appears older than what her bio states - not that that's a bad thing - it's kinda nice to see someone who looks like they're more than a year or two past 18 (not that THAT'S a bad thing either).

Arkie, I don't hold much stock in the ages given. I think that data is manipulated as sets are released (an artificial progression), even though they might have been all shot within a couple of years.

Surely the simple answer to your question is that Gillian will not be on display for our delectation unless someone goes out and finds her and she gets paid!

The amazingly sexy Gillian. Just can't get enough of this thrilling woman.

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