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I like Ginger...A LOT. What a great find by Catherine. I am in love with her smile. Love the playfulness, it's very sexy and is something you don't always see with models here. I can't wait to see more of Ginger. A++ Catherine, can't wait for the next one!

Dear Catherine, thank you for presenting us with this beauty, she's absolutely stunning! Aside from having a great body, I love it when a model is confident and happy posing naked in front of the camera. I think a smile is simply the sexiest charm of a woman and Ginger is generous in sharing with us her beautiful smile. I must congratulate the both of you in giving us variety in terms of poses, angles, and shots. :)

I second that!

Oh my, Ginger is gorgeous, please tell me there's a whole lot more to come!.

Adding her to my list of favorite redheads. I love her playful personality!

Ginger is a beautiful young woman, and Catherine continues to bring new and beautiful young women to visit us.

I really like Ginger's eyebrows and lovely eyes, radiant smile and dimples, love handles; and nice outer and glorious inner labia.

Thanks to Ginger and Catherine.

While there are pro's and con's to the experimental nature of the shot choice in this set, the exceptional model and the % of shots I loved makes this gallery a winner in my book. Ginger has become an immediate favorite ... OMG, what a knee-melting beauty!!! Thanks to all involved for making this set happen!!

Absolutely beautiful!

Thank you very much kanobitwo)

Absolutely stunning girl, Catherine & beautifully shot.

I hope we see much more of this ginger beauty...xx

Hi bikeman4) Thank you very much) You will see, I will take care of this)

Gorgeous, lovely, beautiful, exquisite.

Hi Gary) Thank you)))

And I neglected to mention that she has a dazzling, gorgeous smile.

Ginger is a truly stunning girl. Very nice work, Catherine. I love her seductive eyes and her confidence. She has a superb body, and it's apparent that she stays in good shape. Even her arms appear toned and lovely. Her red hair is a show stopper. Very nice.

Hi Whiplash00) Ginger has a really bright smile. I asked her to smile softer and not so widely during shooting. I was afraid that her smile does not fit in the picture))) Thank you very much)

This use to be a pretty good photographer before all the friends, opinions, conversations, and comments. Now she's just a bit above average. Photography not as sensational for pornographic art, (remember guys this is not classical artistry); now we have the feminist emphathy of Catherine's personality expressed through bit older models, inhibited poses, and an attempt at surrealistic art via quasi-dimensional grainy photos, (can't you c the difference)/ Man! But you guys wouldn't see it; because you're too busy exchanging 'funsies'and gifts; (that';s what happens when u allow 'comments' in a "PORNAGRAPHIC" website). In the mean time we're losing a once great photographer, being misdirected by you needle d...cks, (fill in the rest). Fortunately, we still have the Maestro, (Rylsky),,; and few others, Arkisi, Leonardo, etc.); holding their own, and not listening to u J O's. (Guess at that one!) A 7 at best this one! Oh, look at that; somebodies are thinking the same; scvore is pretty low; C'mon Catherine, remember 2010, 2011, and 2012. You can do it! Find your throne again!

hotte, has it ever occurred to you that perhaps the many kudos Catherine keeps receiving as she continues evolving as an artist are because ~ brace yourself for this one, hotte, because it just might blow your mind if it has not occurred to you yet ~ just perhaps...
we ~ genuinely ~ LIKE what she's doing?

Just throwin' it out there... do with it what you will.

(i.e. there's no law out there saying that I have to like what you like, or Catherine has to like what you like, or her other fans have to like what you like.
On the flipside... you don't have to like what we like, either... and clearly don't.)

Now that I'm done "exchanging funsises and gifts" I can respond to my take on some of your criticisms even though I probably shouldn't bother.

I would expect the poses to be somewhat inhibited for a first-time model.
And 8.56 is not a low score in my book. The overall average for all Met sets for the last two years (2013-2014)is 8.52.

I don't think that Catherine would allow herself to be "misdirected by us (whatevers)" as though she is some mindless puppet and has no creativity of her own. Hogwash!

Anyone that feels the need to insult the collective membership and even K ("feminist empathy of Catherine's personality" ???) with a hateful rant has bigger issues. If you don't like listening to us jack offs (yes, I know what J O means) the feel free to turn off the comments.

Here's a little "funsie" for ya...I'm fairly certain, that if YOU find Catherine's "throne", you will see your comment circling the drain... If you feel that comments are a bad idea on this "nude erotica" website, please feel free to opt out. Us jagoffs were doing just fine when you showed up, and will be fine when you get lost! ;o)

rachsback, thanks for the support)

Always and forever...;o)

I recently learned a new Russian word which is very appropriate in this case. I do not have a Cyrillic keyboard, but the word is written in the Latin alphabet thus: Khuylo or Huylo. See Catherine, I told you I was teaching myself Russian. Keep doing what you are doing Catherine. You have many fans who love your work.

Funny thing, google translate isn't translating that for me...

But you can be sure that they have a record of your search for it...;o) I use google as little as humanly possible. George Orwell wrote about google YEARS before they appeared. Half of what they're "up to' is held in strict secrecy! Be wary of Big Brother! (And no...I'm not paranoid! LOL)

Use Google search, not Google translate. Google can not translate a Russian word which is written in the Latin alphabet. The word became infamous recently when the acting Ukrainian foreign minister used it in a speach.

It definitely applies! Thanks, Neil

I'm amusing myself imagining what that means...LOL

Rachsback, GOOGLE it. I know its there. But there does not seem to be a completely equivalent word in English. All of the seven words you can't say on TV in one convenient super-word.

I'm much happier "imagining" what it means. That way I can apply whatever meaning I want to, or deem appropriate...;o) lol And whatever it means, I'm pretty sure it applies to doug... LOL

When I read the message of the Nile, I laughed for a long time. Russian language has a very rich and rigid profanity.

Bravo, Neil!) I'm a girl well reared and these words aloud don't say, but sometimes I want to say. Well, when there is a gentlemen)


hotte, if you see that today published my work, you just don't look. You will have no reason to write such a comment.

I for one do NOT consider Metart a porn site and it is clear that us J O's don't agree with your assessment of this set either. You are entitled to your opinion but name calling and sexiest remarks are not considered good manners.

Thank you very much, hipshot131)

Great new model. I was about to say that she looks like she could be an athlete, but then I just read that she is a ballet dancer. I'd love to see her in one of Catherine's summer meadow photo sessions! I hope the other models don't get jealous. I think all of Catherine's models should pose together, all at the same time, completely nude. That would be wonderful. We love you Catherine, and all of your beautiful model friends!

Hi Ouchstopit) thank you very much) If the weather will let me, and the grass is still green, I'll make this photoset. In this model, a good athletic body, it would be nice to allow this model to move as she wants.

I would love to see a ballet themed set with this lovely lady. I find the grace and poise of a ballerina very provocative. I have a Pinterest page devoted to dancers and the things that they can do with their bodies and it never ceases to amaze me. Those that enjoy a finely tuned body should have a look

I am fascinated by the line and definition of a dancers body. Simple nude poses can never show the beauty of a well defined body in motion. But properly timed shots of a dancer poised in a moment of full extension are unbelievably sexy. This is one of my favorites!

Excellent choice of fabric, light, color. I'm not sure about the model. I might not be sure until I see about 10 more pictorials.

Hi Magwich) I'm glad you liked the background. I think that in a future publication, you can better see the model.

My aunt says, try this cookie and tell me how it tastes. I try the cookie and say I probably need to try ten more before I can give an opinion. The after cookie number 11, I say, maybe just one more to be sure.

That sounds like a winning strategy to me, Magwich. ( :

I hope Catherine falls for it.

Thank you very much kanobitwo)

Thank you very much kanobitwo)

Ginger? I'm thinkin' more like "Cayenne"!


Beyond that, I'll let the "wordsmiths" in our midst expound on the finer points of the set, and the model.

Another gorgeous model to add to your repertoire Katya. VERY good!

I forgot to thank you Katya, for saving the day...;o) xoxo

And maybe next time, we get to see her tattoo...??? ;o)

Hi rachsback) I think that in the future many more times I will please you with new beautiful models. I am very pleased your praise)

rachsback, I wish you a good day and be healthy))

And my warmest regards to you Katya....:o) XOX


Ginger is aptly named! I have really been impressed with all of Catherine's latest new ladies, and now Ginger, too! All those blondes, and now a hot red head. I like her long hair and nice figure. Thank you Catherine, I continue to enjoy your work.

Thank you very much kilroy) I was afraid to take a shot of girls with red hair. I immediately liked Ginger model, it completely met my expectations. I'm very glad you liked my work.

Fear not, few have shown red better.

10 both the model and Catherine!

The Seller

Thank you for your high score)

Beautiful debut and another great find of Catherine.Best wishes Ginger !!

Thank you very much H WU) I hope in the future there will be many interesting sets with this model.

Ginger's a very confident and self-assured young lady... clearly, she has a lot to be confident of. This is a very nice introductory set by Catherine. ( :

Hi _fer_realz_) Model Ginger is a very confident girl. You really just noticed it. She is so confident, that may even share this confidence with others) Thank you very much)

I have been waiting eagerly to see this model since Catherine posted pictures of her on Facebook. Ginger is a beautiful new model with red hair and that distinctive classic Catherine style. Beautiful! I am not disappointed. Ginger has a gorgeous feminine figure, a pretty face and lovely red hair. Very nice. Ginger will be a welcome addition to MetArt.

Catherine has brought us many beautiful new models. All of them are beautiful, each in their own ways. And each with that very special classic Catherine style.

Hi Neil) Thank you very much) I am glad that my work in finding new faces was successful. I am continuing this job. Maybe I'll meet a model like a Nelly) I will be very happy if it happened) I was pleased to read your comment)

an excellent set. a gorgeous model with a flaming hot body and a master photographer.
love you both Ginger and Katya

Hi kkronful) We also love you) I'm glad you liked this set, I hope the sharpness of this set you will be satisfied.

Ginger is surely attractive....and I'll probably catch a lot of flak for this comment....but, Gabriel A is the last truly outstanding model of Catherine's IMO (both she and Luiza A are not only Catherine's two best models, but two of Met Art's finest also).

Hi Jericho45) Unfortunately model Gabriel already retired))) I am very pleased that you liked it. This model has had little experience as a model, but she tried very hard. Model Ginger surely very good, I'm glad she liked you too. Thank you very much)

wow. Gabriel sets are the masterpieces of Catherine. i adore Gabriel, she has a wonderful body.

Why flack. It's your opinion and you like what you like!

THANK YOU K! I've been waiting on pins and needles for this set every since Catherine sent me a preview of her new models and I must say I am not disappointed! In fact she is even better than I had envisioned. She is going directly into my favorites directory and getting the PP designation in the directory name.

Katya, So far this is the best of the new girls. She is not only lovely but she has the most expressive face and best presentation of your new models. The other girls have seemed rather stiff and afraid to show personality but Ginger delivered a very impressive and delightful set. She is what I had hoped you would find. She is right up there with your previous stars like Susana and Katia. I hope there are many more sets coming with Amber and by the way, Perfect name choice. She is one of the best redheads presented in a long time.

Agreed hipshot! I have been waiting too! Well worth the wait! Her and Zena are my favorites! Well done Catherine!


Hi hipshot131) Model Ginger is very good. It really is very athletic, she has a bright appearance, physically very well developed. I was fun and easy to work with her. But this model I do not consider a priority for myself. I think in the future I will do a lot of interesting and vibrant work with her. I am very glad that you like this model. I remember your preferences) Thank you very much)

Thank you for remembering, I love redheads but is is so hard to find such athletic perfection in most redheads. This is a treasure for me and maybe Katya too ;))))

You're absolutely right)

I had to use an ice bucket to cool down my monitor with this set. Very nice.

Hi Elmer) I'm glad you liked this set. I wish you did not catch a cold)

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