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i love her too. She is one of my top favorits.So beautiful and very sexy.

Really needs a shave. And the pictures should be in the right order.

Best of top ten in Met Art love to see more of her looks like a real woman or and not a teenager

pics 93 and 94 are great. so inviting!

Gisele looks great! And she has a fabulous butt and legs! The only complaint I have is that I am not sure about switching backgrounds in the middle of the set.

Can't believe she's 31-32 years old now. She must qualify as a Milf now.

You think she's had kids??

Don't know, but isn't a milf officially start at the age of of 30?

One of my top 10 Met Art girls. Anyone else agree?

Yes. Gisele oozes sex appeal.

I agree. She is one of the best.

It was Gisele's beautiful face that brought me to MetArt three years ago (especiallly those gorgeous eyes!). And although I 'prefer' small breasts, I can't seem to shake this intense attraction I have for this girl. I also 'prefer' clean shaven, but for some 'chemical' reason, it just doesn't matter with Gisele. It's fully beyond my comprehension, but illustrates very well that you can't always 'consciously' decide what is attractive to you, just like you can't control who you fall in love with. The "chemistry" of human's attraction to each other is very complicated indeed. This is a nice set, but I keep all of Gisele's sets regardless of content or 'creativity'. I always look forward to more of Gisele, and I'm never happy that I have enough...

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