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Hasn't anyone here fantasized about fucking or fucked a women in a public restroom? I love this set!

Gunga, you must be from somewhere exotic...in London I don't like even pissing in them!

The toilet or the model?

Long-time fan of Giselle -- love the girl....

But I've never found bathroom sets of any kind the least bit interesting.

Gisele has got to be one of the hottest mature women on this site. I've DL'd most of her sets over the years. With timeless beauty and still-great figure, I don't really care where she is photographed. sitting on the toilet in the bathroom would not be my first choice, but I'll give Ingret a pass on it since it is Gisele and everything else is great.

Chromatically pleasant.
You can not say that flaws of originality.
Gisele opens like a flower completely uninhibited.

Gross :-(

An 'unfortunate' setting, but to me, Gisele has one of the prettiest faces on the site. Some great shots of her in spite of the location.
To call this girl 'sexy' is akin to calling the sun's surface 'warm'!

The only way that showers are sexy is when I'm in one with Gisele.

Correction, Dutchman... "when I'M in one with Gisele."

I'll tell her you two were thinking about her when we're having a shower together tonight!

I rarely prefer bathroom pictures, but I'll make an exception foe Gisele. She is totally beautiful, and a beautiful woman taking her pants off is one of the finer things in life. Gesele knows how to groom properly, she waxes the undercarriage(as you can tell by the skin texture around anus and vagina) and trims the pelvic area, thus keeping photographic values while looking like an adult

toilet paper princess lol

Personally, I can't think of anything more un-sexy than shots of a model hanging around a toilet! I guess I have trouble getting past the association. However, Gisele would look good even in a backhouse!

Anyway, thank God for the access to crop!

Yep loos are a definite turn off. Thank god for "rotate" too or I'd end up with a stiff neck... too many crazy angles. Perhaps the cleaner had just been around with the mop and Ingret kept slipping?

Nice colors from Ingret on this set:-) It would be nice to take a shower with Gisele:-) She's soooooo Sweet... Kisses dream Beauty...

All I can say is that Ingret and Gisele really know how to push my buttons. Wow!
An incredibly sexy set by a woman who needs to grace our lives much more frequently!

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