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I'm such a fantasy theme freak, this set is great.

For some reason I get the impression these are archive galleries finally being released, the appearance just has that classic Met-Art style to them.

beautifully artistic set, and model too.

Gisele A is a perfect model but I'm afraid I can't agree fully about the photography. 10 out 10 for the artistic background which made a real poster out of each photo. The only shortcoming was the low resolution in all photos which in my court takes a score of 6 out of 10...well since you guys are twisting my arm..I could go as high as 7 but the low resolution was quite obvious :( the art masterpiece in her background added so much color and livelihood that managed to cover the shortcoming to some extent.
I only voice this criticism with the hope that photographer hopefully would avoid cutting down on resolution...To me it's quite significant!
All things considered Ingret has done a good job and that's great!!!

Gisele is one totally hot woman. That's great! She's also in other parts of the met universe which is even better.

Thank you to both Gisele and Ingret for the very nice photo set. Love how you kept on some clothing through out the set; nice colors. Also, Gisele you did a beautiful job on trimming your pubic hair, love it. Makes your pussy look all the more mouth-watering! Keep doing what ever you're doing to keep that awesome looking killer body. You make my and my hands and lips tremble...

Instant download every time (for me) for the reasons stated by everyone.

I rate this set at 23 out of 10

Marvelous, Simply Marvelous!!!

Another obsession I struggle to fully understand. I can never get enough of Gisele...

Me neither. Since I have everything she has done here, I've even tried to find her elsewhere on other sites. I don't try to understand it, I just indulge myself.

Full marks for Gisele's longevity. She is still turning out mighty fine sets. She has beautiful eyes, and legs and breasts to die for. Classy set and colours in this one - a triumph for the more 'mature woman.'

You said it, Gisele seems to be timeless. Mature beauty that I continue to admire.

Gisele is a very nice Woman. She's not the youngest on Met-Art, but She has already a dream body and very beautiful eyes. I like the colors of this set. God job from Ingret... Kisses Gisele:-)

Wow she's either 32-33 years old now. She qualifies as a Milf now.

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