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Lovely-Happy-Sweetie-Sexy-Cutie-Beauty- Kisses Girls!! That leaves nothing to wish for (except dream kisses) KNOCKOUT BABE!!!!!!!1

A very appleing return.

Clever rascal...;o)

Afro- American?

What is this the 60's or 70's?

First off, she doesn't even look like she's black. What is it the curly hair?

I'd really like to see more of her.

If she's Afro-American I'll kiss her ass. And if she's not, oh well, I'll still kiss her ass!

Looks like we'll be "cheek to cheek"!! lol ;o)

I find it sad that MetArt is trying to be so politically correct that they describe the few ebony models as African American. Why not ebony or simply African?

K, what about the amazingly beautiful goddess known as Pammee Lee?

I am mostly white, some black, and some amerindian. I am native to the continent of North America. DNA testing indicates over 3% Neanderthal. What would you like me to be? Ivory? Simply European? How about using fish flesh as analogy instead of wood grain? Can I be Simply Salmon? And what is simple about the ethnic diversity of the continent of Africa?

I think it is up to you which ethnic group you identify with. And your personal choice is absolute and final. To me, there is something very sinister about analyzing another person's ethnicity. It is reminiscent of 1930s Germany and the Nuremberg Race laws.

"I think it is up to you which ethnic group you identify with"
I once declared that I identified with the Kayin of Burma. My personal choice was neither absolute nor final. In fact, no one took me seriously at all.

"there is something very sinister about analyzing another person's ethnicity"
Bunk. Everyone categorizes everyone in a myriad of ways automatically all the time. Only our interpretations and choices can be sinister.

"It is reminiscent of 1930s Germany and the Nuremberg Race laws"
Gotta love those ethnic Germans of the 1930's. So good for giving the rest of us the satisfaction of our certain superiority. The worse we think of the badness of others, the easier it is to ignore our own faults. (So what if the Nazi Eugenics program was based on those active in the US. So what if compulsory sterilization laws remained in force in other countries, states, provinces, and cantons until at least the 1970's.)

Neil, I agree Met's ethnicity classification is rather confusing. Shouldn't African-American and from Ukraine be Afro-Ukrainian?

I enjoyed Pammie, although there were only a few sets of her released, including one shot by Rylsky. I was hoping there were more in the vault.

I'm pretty fond of Pammie myself... ;o) Nine sets is what I have. Wouldn't mind having several more!! She's gorgeous!!

Pammee did nine sets published on MetArt and one set on RylskyArt. She also did some beautiful sets on other sites under other names. Pam's bio says she is one quarter black. I take that to mean one African grand parent. MetArt has not had a completely African model for some time. I wonder if Pam is still modeling. Of course, if she retired and moved on, good for her. That is how it should be.

Thanks for the tip Neil. I wasn't aware of that set Rylsky has... downloading as we speak! ;o)

"wasn't aware of that set Rylsky has"...other than when I spaced right over the "Rylsky" part when I read kilroy earlier...LOL
Again all I can say is D'OH!! Anyways that's a real nice set on RA. Maybe HE can coax her back to us...;o)

Unsightly landing strip.
Shaved (best) or not shaved (passable) but not trimmed (unpleasant).

Great photos Michael.
Great composition.
Great lights.

Forgive Gloria.
You are a wonderful girl and I thank you for the pleasure you give to us in seeing you naked.
Your makeup is not pleasant, not you.

Dark meat good!


WOW! Beautiful girl!!! Must be a fairly old set...

Her stats say she's from Ukraine, yet somebody thinks she's "Afro-AMERICAN"!! I guess Black people the world over, are now "Afro-American" whether or not they have ever set foot in AMERICA! Silly and sad at the same time...

I wouldn't mind seeing A LOT more of this girl, but am not optimistic at this point about seeing anything "new". Nice set here although a bit tame...

  • 2 years ago:


I will admit this set is fairly old. I discovered it hiding in my database and I do love women of color :) We have been working very hard to discover new models of different ethnicity, I have been finding this to be quite difficult. Gloria has since retired from nude modeling and this was her last set so I hated to not publish it. In any case I hope very soon that newer models of color will be available for us. Thanks!

Dear K
her body is as delicious as milk chocolate. a change from vanilla ice cream.

Thanks K... I appreciate many models of many colors and would enjoy anything that you come across... :o)

Hi K and Rachsback The are a very few Million Blacks living in Russia, mostly decendants of slaves(slavery was not abolished in Russia until 1882 by Tsar Alexander II ) there are also North Africans and some American blacks living in Russia.The last I remember are Selene A from Morocco(Fas to be exact,) and Asis A.A Historical note,Nikita Kruchev's father was a slave in the coal mines of the donbass and his mother a domestic slave for the foreman,etc.

Great info seadog! Russian history is indeed fascinating.

It certainly is great to see Gloria in all her glory gracing the pages of Metart again. She is absolutely gorgeous!

A blast from the past !! :-)

It's a pity that Gloria disappeared!

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