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Another great well done set Catherine! Thanks! Very good camera work showing real skill with your art.

pics 96 and 97 are beautiful. i love that view of a woman's body. It really shows off the shape of her ass and looks so inviting. We dont see that pose enough. Bravo to Catherine for recognizing that view.

Watch out that greasy face!

Lovely set! Thanks for removing the stockings at the end! Some members like stockings, others, like myself, like to see bare feet. You must really care about us.


I liked Gloria, but she was somewhat stiff the first few pages. She didn't really open up until page four, second half. This is where the photographer needs to find ways to help a model having modeling persona problems.(I know the problem, having a 4-year BFA myself, and having to do many nudes to get it.)Also Gloria needs to talk to one of the ladies at a good day spa, as she is shaving the undercarridge (openings of anus and vagina) and is working on a bad case of razorburn

crappy tied back hair!

It is a pity))

)) ))

Why do all her models have the same look? Not very imaginative imo.

Hi beebee) I not so understood your question.

Once again Catherine you show us why you're the best Met-Art photographer. Zdorova.

Hi adomavoi81) Thanks, I am glad for you to work)

Never been a fan of 'tied back hair'...to me it conveys a feeling of 'constricted' as opposed to 'relaxed'. Pretty girl though, and nice pictures.

I agree but 'tied back hair' shows the beauty of the face in its purest form. It is only my taste.

I would be glad to all of you to make pleasantly and well)) I regret that not always it turns out)

Do not regret Catherine. We ALL have different taste for 'erotic'...;o)

And everyone else seems to like very much, so pay me no attention! lol ;o)

You can't make everyone happy all of the time Katya. All you can do is present to us your interpretation of what is sexually attractive and beautiful about a woman's body. All I expect is that your interpretation is honest and accurate. That means proper technique and very, very little post-production alteration (e.g., photoshop, diffusing filters, greasy lenses, retouching...etc)

You are the best of Met-Art's photographers.

This is an absolute delight, Gloria is truly beautiful with a fantastic body to match.

Catherine once again captures every inch of this very sexy young lady, from her cute, pretty face to those fantastic firm breasts with such lovely little nipples, to her exquisite shaven cunt nestled between a lovely pair of legs, not to forget that amazing tight rump as well. Tremendous study of a fabulous beauty.

Thanks bobblehat) Gloria very slender and sports girl. It has very good and healthy skin. Excellent hair and breast of a fine form. I admired her body during shootings.

)) ;o)

Dear Catherine,
Truly wonderful expression of the beauty of the female body!!!!!! Gloria has a beautiful face and you provide ample shots to express that. The entire series is Amazing!!! Thank you, You are the best

Thanks is very pleasant to me))

when i come across a set on Met Art or Sex Art signed by Catherine i grade her 10. i love sets for gorgeous girl signed by my top rated photographer i enjoy seeing it.Catherine knows well what we want to see and gives it to us in detail

Gloria i love you
Catherine, i adore you, i adore you.

Hi kkronful)) We adore you too))

Cathrine, you are the best in capturing the beauty of female nudes. gloria is a gorgeous girl. why did you miss to give us detailed shots of gloria's pussy as you used to do? please show us Gloria's pussy in detail next time

i love you

Always love seeing the pantied bot and pussy first. Would be even better if there was a hint a dampness there rather than freshly laundered. Lovely lady, great pics. Thank you both.

Thanks GaryK)))

I don't normally care for feet 'in the way,' but pic #98 might change my mind. Oh, and nice, rounded cheeks in that pic. Mmmmmm.....!


AS soon as I saw the pony tail, I wondered if this was a shoot by Catherine and I was not disappointed. Yet another beautiful set of a deliciously beautiful girl. Thank you!

Hi ProctorGuard)...)) I think that I am not original that I use a horse tail. But it is fine that you having seen a horse tail, thought that it is my work))

Gloria has a very beautiful way in looking at the camera. Very sexy and appealing. It is also true for her smile. Nice set, Catherine, and nice choice of the model. Congratulations!

Hi JimmyGeorge)) Gloria the beautiful girl with a flexible and slender body. Thanks for a praise)

Gloria is a fascinating woman. I appreciate her more each time I see her. Great butt shots and I like how Catherine posed her in #58.

Hi Baggy36Pants )) it was very pleasant to me to read your comment. I passed Gloria your praise))

Gloria is so spectacular this is my favourite set of her sofar. I enjoy watching her remove each article of lingerie with so much grace to expose her perfect body, overall an outstanding beauty.

Thanks a2m2)) Shooting where the model gradually takes off from itself clothes, not always happens simple. I am glad that it was pleasant to you)

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