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Lovely girl, but who came up with the idea of brown lingerie? Deeply unsexy. Pink or yellow is far nicer.

beautiful body.liked her pussy

grace is more than gorgeous. i love her boobs, her ass and thighs and her gorgeous pussy

images are not sharp enough

Spectacular set of an unbelievably beautiful and sexy woman.

Koenart, This is perfection! those art some magnificent closeups of that most perfect pussy ever. It is not often that we are treated to such wonderful macro work. Not to degrade the rest of the set in any way but Grace has one of the most sweet, delicate, and lovely pussies ever. This is extremely rare and deserves much attention. For a part that can be so gross and unattractive hers is as magnificently lovely as it is possible to get and you did a magnificent job of showing that. Those street shots of Grace at the end were perfect. I love seeing the real girl too.

As for Grace, What can I say? She is about as perfect as it gets from every angle. I have to say that whatever she does to remove the body hair should be shared with the other models on metart. It is very rare to see such a perfectly clean pubic area with no razor burn or stubble. Personally I love it. Not to be gross but seeing it makes my tongue hard! Of course my tongue is not the only thing!

Thank you Grace for sharing all that perfection with us mere mortals. ;)

I missed the most important part. I love that outfit she wore. In any other color it probably would be worth mentioning but that color against Grace's skin was as sexy as it is possible for clothing to get.

"Valley girl clone" or NOT, Gracey is a gem!! Very sweet and kissable face, and a great body.

Sorry, Birthday Cake, but I couldn't agree less. Grace is a beautiful woman who projects a sexy, likable personality. Besides, no model with a pussy like that can ever be called "a dime a dozen." BTW, I too love the street shots at the end.

Most over rated girl EVER.

She's a dime a dozen southern California style blonde.

I got rolls of dimes! I sympathize with the valley girl attitude but there is noting ordinary about this girl!

Here's a dime....$ I'll have a dozen please. ;o)

Ha! Me Too! (;

Another plain set of a completely shaven woman. They all start to look the same.

Ok? ......There are all unique, in size, shape, complexion and state of excitement! I don't think that I'd ever think that they're all starting to look the same. ): ???

"They're"... Bad English, sorry,,,

Lol With what I've seen around here, there's no need to apologize for 'bad english'...;o)

Wish they COULD all look this awesome!

What for an Angel Grace:-) She's sweeter than honey... Kisses all over:-)

A very similar set to "Flamuria" set. There are some much better pictures in the Flamuria set with Grace smiling while she's giving that "here honey, look at this" pose! Still I liked the "street" photos at the last of this set.

Thank you I somehow missed that one!

The best of the best - model & photographer! This extraordinary set is unbeatable! Exactly whar I want.

Grace is not the stereotypical "girl next door" -- she is the girl every man WISHES lived next door....

I don't! Having a babe like that next door would drive me crazy!

Grace is a beautiful lady with a great butt, sweet pussy, and very interesting eyes. I always enjoy photo sets of her.

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