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Gracy is sooo gorgeous! Definitely need more.

Not classifiable.
For hair feticists only.

The pomegranate was out of place. An apple would have been better. I love watching a woman with a luscious mouth bite into a juicy pink lady.

I actually find the headband to be a sexy addition to the set.

Gracie Taylor is another hottie from the Czech Republic. Mr Helios loves Czech models. He did many of our Czech models until they moved to EA,like Iveta B Altea A (now known as Antea,)Chiara A, Danae, Monica Vessela and so on.Altea is an honorary Czech since she's from the Slovak Republic.(The other half of the old Czechloslovakia) Gracie is a perfect outdoor model at the beach.I love PRETTY beaches and don't mind sand on an athletic girl.Mr helios is very good at outdoor shoots. I don't care for the headband, its distracting.

By the end of the set I wanted to chew the headband up too. Not sure why she had to wear such a ridiculous thing.

Yes, yes I agree she is beautiful, however, I would rather her be my fruit instead of the apple. Do not like it when it is chosen to place fruit in front of a model. The poses could have ben better. Not his best work.

It appears you were sufficiently distracted by Gracy to fail to notice that the fruit was a pomegranate, not an apple. And yes, it was piss-poor pomegranate placement.

How 'bout a piss-poor pomegranate placement in proximity to pussy! ;-)

Preferred phormulation.

Yes, it's a pomegranate....but it still gets in the way...remove the fruit, not necessary

Agreed. Skip the fruit. It is an unnecessary distraction.

Not sure I get the headband. Pictures on the last page where her hair is free, for me anyway, are much sexier than those before. One nit pick. Luca, all foot lovers like your giving them at least one isolation shot, but if you are going to do it watch the polish on the pedicure. For me it distracted from what otherwise was a great shot. To you personally Luca, you are one of our highly rated senior photogs, please join us here and commnent, like several of your fellow artists are now doing. Please! I'll attack any boo birds for you.

He may be one of those people who misses the time when Met Art was a website to enjoy feminine beauty, and not a place for any half wit to give their mindless opinion on how the set should have been shot :)


Ah but you to are now able to add your own irrelevant opinions, also.

Besides Luca has been around so long I doubt he is going to care what we say.

Luca has been and remains top rated.

Yes, indeed, I did hope you'd see the irony... By replying I did add myself to the bunch ;-)

Lovely set of a gorgeous woman. The rear views are priceless.

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