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What a crying shame! A compete waste of a fabulous woman, nice setting and perfect lighting everything is right except it's an R rated set. As with many outdoor sets there are no intimate closeups.

Gracy Taylor is one awesome lady! perfect body, great tan, exquisitely conditioned, beautiful hair. A true goddess in every aspect but Luca let use down.

Beautiful, just absolutely beautiful. Besides #43, the flip side, #67 is also awesome.

I agree 1,000%. Now if Luca could give us #43 with #67 or #69 all in one picture that would be special and a treasured keeper!

It's time to find a bed for Gracy and a very sexy nightgown!

Absolutely stunning, I think that says it all.

Upon looking thru this lovel set of images within this lastest series of Gracy Taylor i simply loved it very much Luca Helios could not have picked a better setting to show off her gorgeous 5ft 6" body with the setting sun and ocean in the background highlighting her well toned tanned body :)I simply adored images #3-7 with the setting sun highlighting Garcy's gorgeous small firm breasts perky nipples thru her wet see-thru serong with her lovely long wet brown hair cascading down her shoulders ~ Image #39 is just adorable to me it really shows her off her statuesque figure lovely small breasts perky nipples gorgeous face lovely brown eyes just as image #22 ~ I simply adore the way she lays back on the rocks per images #63-#66 with showing her firm small erect nipples sexy long legs the close up image #66 is simply a priceless shot of Gracy :)Just as Images #26-#27 laying back totaly strecthing out her lovely figure.There maybe no expiclite images within this lastest series of Gracy Taylor but Luca Helios captured her well toned tanned body very well :( but Luca Helios captured her very well with a magnificent scenery and photography :( :(

Very well put. I sure wish I had female friends who have your eye for beauty!

Gorgeous model, setting, and lighting. Too bad most of the pics don't show anything of the model, and her hair is in the way in too many other pics.

Short but sweet.

Yay! Gracy Taylor skinny-dipping! Bare nekkid too! After I got that out of my system Gracy is very beautiful, a perfect 10 in fact Mr Helios did a perfect shoot here. It's only matched by his movie Lavico with Indiana laughing her ass off

This is one of Gracy's best galleries imho. I really like her areolae and glass cutters, super toned and trim body, and bubble butt. My favorite picture is #43 (some wizardry with a mirror so we could also see her abs and breasts would be perfect!). The model, setting and conditions were great ~ too bad Luca didn't get up to 40 more pictures worthy of publishing.

Thanks to Gracy and Luca for this great, but too short, visit.

Image 43 would be among my favourites too, especially if the person who photoshopped it knew what they were doing...or better yet, just left it alone.

(Just look at that mess of pixels on her back.)

Hi nihil: I had already downloaded the high resolution zip file (I won't download anything but high resolution). I expanded the zip file, viewed #43 in Xee, and zoomed in about four times. I see perfectly straight edged clumps in many places, especially where I think you described.

I also see straight edged clumps in her hair, her earrings, and the entire outer boundaries of Gracy's beautiful arms. I know absolutely nothing about photoshopping and wonder if this is the normal way that parts of an enlarged (but not re-touched) image appear? Is photoshop a "one click applies to the entire image"; or can you select smaller portions of the image and apply photoshop only there?

I am not adding gasoline to the discussion. Nor do I want to spur a hissing / pissing contest, but this discussion has been very interesting to me. I will appreciate your "dumbed down" answers to my questions.

Thanks to all who participated and shared their observations or opinions.

Hi Bagg336pants no hissing/pissing from this Aussie chick your comment hit the nail right on the head about image #43 Cheers From Down Under :( :(

Hello Baggy36Pants and rags25,

Ok, maybe I was a little bit hissy, but the condescending tone of the post by bibblefuss pissed me off.

I have no problem with the image itself. As a 'bum man' (or 'ass man' for those in the U.S.A,) images 43 and 49 are among my personal favourites.

My problem is with a section of the image (actually, both those images suffer from it.) The whole image will blur out under increased magnification, and you will see that it appears to be made up of squares of 8x8 pixels. These squares are fairly uniform, with subtle blends of coloured pixels that tone with each other. In the area that I already mentioned in image 43 you will see 2 adjacent 8x8 squares that are made up of pixels that don't make sense, including whites and greys in random spots. If this is not caused by photoshopping, then I apologise profusely.

Sorry about tht typo error with your name Baggy36Pants sweaty fingers its 80F in the house and very humid even with the A/C on my sencerely aopologies :)

Not a problem rags25. I have good news and bad news about the weather in Edmonton.

The good news is winter would ordinarily have started about eight weeks ago and we escaped six of those weeks without severe weather. The bad news is Mother Nature has packed eight weeks of snow into the last two!

We started those two weeks with damp heavy snow and shovelling it was like throwing pails full of water. Since then the snow has been drier and lighter but darn near non-stop. I am guessing that total snowfall has been 25 cm (9") so far.

This morning started at -15 C (5 F); with a "snowfall warning" in effect. 13 hours later the temperature is -10 C (14 F) but the snow has quit. The long range forecast through next Thursday is mainly sunny with cloudy periods and daytime highs between -3 C and +4 C (27 F to 40 F) so a lot of the snow will melt, freeze, and make sidewalks and roads treacherous.

That is winter in “Sunny” Alberta, and Edmonton is 400 km (250 miles) from the Rocky Mountains and serious snowfall.

Our summers can be very hot but not as hot as down under. Then I have to hide inside or in the shade (one of the downsides to fair skin and sparse red hair). I need to win the lottery and move to Bermuda!

Snowpocalypse '13 (part 1)

I hope there is no part 2 for anyone this year! The first time I heard the word snowpocalypse / snowmageddon, my Son was working in the Washington DC / Baltimore area. Those folk are not accustomed to really heavy snowfalls and it surely did feel like an apocalypse or armageddon to many locals.

I live in Wisconsin, and generally we gradually accumulate snow but the last several years we've been getting dumped on 2 or 3 feet at a time... very difficult to cope with, even for people accustomed to heavy snowfalls.
Not that it's anywhere near as bad as they had out on the East coast, mind you. I jocularly refer to our medium sized dumps as "Snopocalypse" for that year, but totally understand they have it far worse in other locations.

It IS a small world. My daughter, son in law, and three grand children live in Wisconsin. She tells me that often their winter weather trends are called "Alberta Clippers". Maybe the big dump her brother experienced in Washington DC / Baltimore was the result of an Alberta Clipper too.

You need a snowplow or a snow blower Baggy36Pants.

(I used to live in Ottawa, and I sure don't miss shoveling snow all winter and burning in the summer!)

In the real world those "pixels on her back" are known as sand and water.

Photoshop conspiracy theorists are an amusing bunch of folks.

People who make uninformed comments amuse me more.

Try downloading the high resolution image, zooming in on the lower right hand side of her back at, just to the right of her spine at about the point halfway between the height of the sea and the sun disappearing behind the mountain.

See the perfectly square edged 'mess of pixels' I was talking about?

Don't you feel silly now?

Hi nihil :) I had a good look at image #43 in high resolution and the only thing i picked up only her muscular back firm round butt an her legs were marks from sitting on the rock i think its a perfect rear end image of Gracy Taylor i ain't into photography as well as you are :) but it did'nt bother me at all !!!!

Gracy has such an intensity in these photos, I can feel the heat of her gaze through the lens. She smolders. There is also something magical about her wet hair and tanned skin, and the setting sun. A winning combination. 10/10 from me.

Beautiful model. Beautiful location. Beautiful photography. Excellent!

Gorgeous, taut body and technically excellent photography. Lovely set!

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