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Another one of my favorite Met-Models! Would love to see a lot more of Gracy please.


should be lacy not leafy. (Resistance was futile. It typed itself)

Really, creativity here should be well received. I appreciated the continuity of texture and theme. The fan effect is nice in the beginning and in front of her for the views from the rear. The light is good. The horizon makes a fine backdrop. It all mostly works well, except

That last is over the top.

As an alternative to "jumped the shark", we may now say "pooped a palm".

A 9 from me, where 7 is par.

Incredibly gorgeous woman.

This is one of the models that we see way too seldom, but please hand her over to Arkisi cuz this "artist" just doesn't get it!! Gorgeous as Gracy looks here, I can't squeeze out more than an eight for this set.
Regardless of the artist, please give us more Gracy!

Gracie Taylor is a flat-out gorgeous model who loves outdoors,and looks fantastic with no pants. She has long beautiful legs and a fabulous butt.Us old geezers like that in a model,as thet's how we keep warm in the winter,very important when your arthritis is as bad as mine. The fact that Gracie is a totally lovely woman doesn't hurt a bit. Mr Helios has done his usual perfect job of photography.so I gave this set a 10++

Look at 61 again and tell me more about his "perfect job"!!!

Best pussy in a long time, beautiful body, love your smile

I gotta admit I am far more impressed with this set than I thought I would be... Gracy is a sight to see, especially in heels and nothing else (but perhaps a saucy smile...).
In fact, my sole disappointment (no pun intended) was when she took off those gorgeous heels so early in the set.

LOL I couldn't wait till she got them off!! Stockings...yes, clunky shoes....no!! Although...seeing them on their tiptoes WITHOUT shoes is pretty lame!! "To me" the difference it makes in the appearance of their legs is negligible. As shoes go however, these weren't too bad looking...;o)

Usually shoes are WAY down on my list but seeing her rear view in those heels in 17 and 18 I have to admit they sure look good on her. I even like the shoes which is wildly unusual given the horrific styles girls are wearing these days.

Gracy has the most awesome legs and butt I could ask for! #17 and 18 are spectacular! From her shoes to that dark head of hair her body flows in flawless splendor. Sailor got it right, This is a WOMAN! no petite wisp of a girl here. That body is spectacularly firm and curvacious. The only thing petite are those oh so firm cute little breasts and that is just the way I like them. If I didn't know different someone could tell me this lovely thing is Ukrainian and that is meant as a supreme complement.

Luca does a nice job of showcasing this fantastic jewel and I have no qualms voting 10++

To follow up on Sailor's comment about her legs. The high heels on page one seem to really help on the definition of her calves. very sexy. I don't normally comment about model's most private parts but with Gracy we see something a little out of our "norm" here. Very puffy labia major, almost hidden labia minor. In this case makes for a very photogenic "vee".

Really not to far "out of the norm" there are several of the popular models that have this type of vulva. Macy is one notable instance I can think of. It should make shaving much less hazardous for sure.

It does make for for a clean look but I wish it was spread a bit in at least a couple of shots so we could get a look at what appear to be lovely labia. It's sort of a love hate thing with me. It does make for an attractive and smooth look but it hides her delicate inner labia and her feminine moistness.

Gracy Taylor is a beautiful woman of genuine substance. Look at any one of these photos, and the woman looking back at you is anything but a simple country girl, whatever her bio says. And she is wonderfully put together. Look at those legs in the full-length shots on Page 1. They seem to go on forever, and they end up at one of the Czech Republic's most beautiful asses (featured to glorious excess on Page 3). This is a special lady. I'd love to see her more often.

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