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Girls got an ass .....

I've noticed in my years that most girls do... ( ;


Gracy is a beautiful woman with a superb bum, to name just one of her captivating physical features.

I really appreciate the stretching pose(s) which highlight her ribcage.

I love sand.....mmmmmmmmm

Great photo set; really liked the first 31 with Gracy in her short shorts, but would also like to see what she looked like with her pink panties on. She did have a pair on under those shorts, yes? Anyway, the rest of the set was also very nice. She looks great with her slightly wild looking hair, super fit body and such a pretty face. Boy she sure is a sweetie. I'll just ask, where's that beach, I'm there for the next photo shoot. Someone has to hold her shorts, brush off the sand, help dry her off, help hold your camera steady...might as well be me. I work for free!

That's bazarre!! They had her take them both off at the same time, and then put the shorts back on.... "Shorts with nothing under" wins out over "panties on the beach"...hmmmm Good catch...

Actually, I'll bet they were the bikini bottoms that matched her pink top.

Oh! And that's the same beach he had Lauren(Luce) on the other day, because you can see the "public" area of the shore, directly across from the "pubic" area...where they're shooting...;o) I'm surprised they didn't draw more of a "boat crowd" lol

Ok, so now first I have to figure out where that public beach is located. Any idea which country, I need a starting point...

Beautiful sexy photos until we hit the sand. Gracy let me know when you will be a the beach and which on and a rent a cabin to save you from the sand.

Beautiful sexy photos until we hit the sand. Gracy let me know when you will be a the beach and which on and a rent a cabin to save you from the sand.

There's nothing hotter than a fit, muscular body.

Just those boobs alone deserve a 10.

Gracie is a stunning beauty with her clothes on, and even more beautiful with them off. As we all know, Mr. Helios prefers to work in the Czech Republic with Czech girls like Gracy. Which still leaves me with the problem,does the Czech republic have a coastline? because this looks a lot like Italy.Which is cool as long as he doesn't make them ride in the wheelwell of the jet. I gave both Gracie and Mr. Helios a 10++++

Gracy sure is beautiful, but these "sandy" beach sets just rub me the wrong way...

Guess I'm going to all the wrong beaches.....

LOL You and me both tricky! ;o)

I would like to help her clean the sand off that beautiful body.

I prefer that it never BE there! ;o)

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