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Amazing photos! Very erotic, and the half hairy armpits were a great idea!

Google search Vika Nymph

Try a Google search of Vika Nymph

beautiful woman, beautiful photo shoot, horrific body hair that stuff needs to get gone!

❤ the hair...wish photog coulda done better job with the color.

So glad you are not shaved like a 14 year old girl,, tired of seeing no hair at all, nice pictures look real and what %50 of woman
look like except for ohair under the arms.

well, I prefer less hair - and I don't even mean that one under her arms or between her legs. But at the moment I am wondering: how old is this set

Guerlain you light up my life. Everyone is so focused on your "natural" look, they over looked your beautiful face, pics 92, 107, 114, 117 just to name a few. I think you're gorgeous. Thanks...

I say on the issue of shaved, trimmed or natural its up to the woman how owns it the man is just visiting.

Guerlain has really blossomed since she moved over to Rylsky Art. She used to dye her hair blonde and shaved a lot. She has quit both these practices and looks much better for it. As for this set, mirror shots are VERY hard, only Rylsky has the skill for it these days. Anais Demois also did several but that was back in the stone age, I don't remember seeing any after 2006, I'll have to go spelunking in the archives. I know we will probably hear about Guerlain's choice of name. No sane girl puts her real name and address on the net, as MSN can stand for Many Single Nutters, and so I feel the same way as the Met people do the girl can call herself whatever she wants the same as with grooming practices and choice of photogs

Loveluy unshaven underarms. More please.

Guerlain is an incredible beauty and a model with wonderful attitude. I love her unshaven, it is very artistic and erotic. More please!

Thanky you sweetie for not giving in to the pressure to go bald...you are sexy just the way you are!!!

Thank you Rylsky. We need more like this and less smooth.

Bravo Rylsky !
Teaches what it means Eroticism.
Eroticism, among the ancient Greeks, was sacred.
This set is a hymn lifted up to the beauty of Creation.
Guerlain is your priestess.

This poem, in my opinion, it is written on a paper that is not the best.
(I mean the environment).

I remember the environment by Guerlain-Donaco

For the record ==

When I come in for a landing -- I'd rather the runway was clear and smooth!

Ahhhhh Guerlain... one of my favorite "nature girls" on MA...
I like 'em shaved, or unshaved, or trimmed. But looking at Guerlain, I definitely see the appeal of unshaved. She looks nothing short of yummy. ( :

It is very nice to see Guerlain again. It has been far too long since her last visit. She is very pretty and so very sexy.

I shall never forget the first time I saw my first love nude. The thrill and joy. She was 18 years old and wore all of the hair God gave her. And she was beautiful! Sets like this remind me of those days.

My first (?) comment on this gallery.

Thank you K from one natural look fan who appreciates the occasional bone tossed our way.

Further comments only if or when haters cross the line.

Excelente coño

The seller

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