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The bloom of youth has faded, but she is still a goddess--the classiest of the classy.

I've said before and I'll say it again . There is NOTHING sexier than a young lady wearing a dress and high heels with no panties . It is lovely . I love girls in dresses. Call me pervert , I don't care.
Like Fonzie used to say . "I got this weird thing , I like girls ".
Girls wearing dresses are lovely. It makes them "GIRLS ". Pretty .

love all her shots great ass shots cant get enough

By far too many ass shots!

Guerlain Girl is slightly different from the majority of models but is extremely appealing in her own way. I really love the red hair with her complexion but, if she is going to colour her hair, the black stubble is a mistake. Whilst I have no problem with whether or not a model is shaved, it is important that if not shaving the colour of her bush and on top of her head are consistent.

I don't think it always works that way in nature, hair color top and bottom matching. A lot of guys assume that, but I dated a natural 'dirty blond' that had a very dark bush.

Funny story about that... the hair all over my body is dark brown, but when my beard came in, it came in red. ( :

My brother and I are both pretty dark brown - bordering on black - but his beard does the very same thing....flaming red! He's never grown it for that reason. Mine doesn't, but I have red scattered here and there in places. "They" say red hair is disappearing, but I don't believe it...;o)

I highly doubt red hair is disappearing myself... for one thing, a lot of guys seem to like it ~ a lot ~ so, in a way, it is being "selected for" over a long period of time.

Guerlain's stubble looks like a real nose tickler :)

Not model materials and crappy photography

Terrible photography! No.26 is the very essence of poor judgement. Focusing on her face when that face is not even close to looking at the camera, and barely visible at all and the foreground is totally ignored, is just plain stupid! Many other shots are just as ill-advised... This is no doubt an old set from deep in the archives, and should have remained right there!

I agree it's an older set. Guerlain started posting at Met in 2008, and the shooting style is nothing like what Rylsky does presently.

I was VERY fond of Guerlain's initial sets, but after she quit shaving, I lost interest in her.

Absolutely fantastic, the opening upskirt shots are a fantastically awesome display of beautiful, raw sexuality openly displayed the monochrome surroundings work magnificently, contrasting perfectly with Guerlain's gorgeous porcelain skin and luxurious hair, a brilliant piece.

I've been a fan of Guerlain since the first time I saw her, so I couldn't be more thrilled. This is a wonderful set, especially the upskirt shots at the beginning.
...and anyone could fantasize she's a secretary in an office, but I'll go you one better. How about she's your boss who has the hots for you and decides to show off? Mmmmmm....

pleasant thoughts...

I'd be aggressively volunteering for overtime that's for sure!.

Big kiss for your consistently lovely sets since 2008 XXX

Sweet and natural :)

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