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Wow those beautiful Brown eyes beautiful face she absolutely drop dead geogus from top to toe awesome photo set shes delicious thank you

Her feet are absolutely perfect. Please, more shoots with her barefoot!

The dreams generated by Haleen, become obseseve.
Woman of full body, delight is she to behold. May we have more of her please?

my answer (as usually with almost all new models):
MA - depending on vote score
RA - for sure

Welcome Haleen.
You're Beautiful smiling and uninhibited.
Lucky those who can look at you naked.
Excellent debut.
See you soon.
Excellent presentation, Rylsky.

Haleen is very beautiful, and I have no doubt that she will be one of Rylsky's best.I gave her a 10++ as it is because she has made up for any lack of modeling skill with her beauty and lovely smile.
I am forced to add that Rylsky's best has a total barnburner up. I refer,of course,to Jeff Milton. She has done it again,and I am staggering like a drunk.

I believe I've mentioned that I can accept large breasts on a woman provided she is 'otherwise' appealing and desireable to me... "Hello Dbl D's!!" This girl is a KNOCKOUT!! Truly captivating!! I hope there's lots more of HER comin' down the pike!!! "Welcome Haleen!! Please hurry back!! XOXO :o)"

Although so far her rating is okay Haleen is a 10+ with me and added to my favorites. Haleen you are so incredibly beautiful and damn sexy. I would melt way before I got close to you. Rylsky, I don't know how you do but I'm glad you do. Haleen, see you in my dreams tonight!!!

Magnificent specimen!!!

Be careful....with talk like "specimen", doug will put her under a "microscope"!! ;o) I'm hoping that if we're quiet, he won't hear us in here....shhhh ;o)

wishful thinking ;-)

LOL Yeah....I do a lot of that lately...;o)


Nice model but unremarkable set. Plain setting and poses, hair in the way.

You must have had a bad night Gary.

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: Beautiful new model, plenty of gorgeous poses, nothing at all to spoil the fun of a great new addition to Met.

THINGS I WOULD PREFER: To see more of Haleen very soon!

Welcome Haleen, what a beautiful addition to MA you are. You have a beautiful little body and such a perfect little pussy.

As with all of the sets in this site, every woman is attractive, so in rating the models, one is ,in reality, rating the photographer, and the quality of the photos and poses, not the quality of the women

A flower is a flower even if photographed from my nephew than ten years old.
A turnip is a turnip although photographed by Cartier-Bresson.
The good photographer can only add the ambience to the beauty.
And, often, the ambience generates the dreams.

ambience creates the dreams? Hmm, I think I came up with my own perverted dreams

quality of the women
please read it 5 times and think: do you really can say THIS WAY about any WOMAN (and man as well)???

There's mischief in those pretty brown eyes, and I like it. Looking forward to seeing much more of Haleen!

Lovely debut, sweet face and those portraits at the end highlighted that perfectly. I am sure she will be well received.

In fact! I agree!

BTW a really nice work of Rylsky! I like this set!

Gorgeous addition to Met, more please.

Lovely Haleen. Excellent debut. Haleen is a beautiful lady, with a genuine woman's body. Tall and statuesque. Very nice.

"a genuine woman's body"....LOL As opposed to a "transgender woman's body"??? LMAO!!

When I use the term "genuine woman" I am refering to Haleen's body type, tall, ample breasts, broad hips, nice round backside. Candy Rose has the same kind of body type. In a different time and place we would say such a woman is built like a brick shit house, a woman who is loaded to hunt bear, designed to cause maximum damage at the point of impact. Such women are not sweet little porcelain dolls and they are not delicate little cuties. They are real women. Haleen apparently does not laugh much. She has a nice pleasing ass, right where Mother Nature put it.

nice pleasing ass, right where Mother Nature put it.
Neil, this is SOOOOO unusual to hear it from you. I am in knockout...

I was afraid to ask about that....;o)

So my answer would be..yes?...?

LOL I'm just "punkin'" ya Neil... I know exactly what you're talkin' about. My 'second' Polish wife was such a woman! Don't pay me no nevermind...I'm just havin fun here ;o)

No, I think Neil is distinguishing between the kind of woman one would see on the street and the kind of woman that is usually selected to be a fashion model. There's about a 30 lb difference... ( ;

There ya go takin' me seriously again...lol I thought my ass being laughed off was a clue to the spirit of the 'query'...;o)

Gotcha, Rock, I can be a tad thick sometimes, and hey, I'll admit that I do like to hear myself talk, even when it's in type. LOL

LOL That makes at least two of us!! On BOTH points!! ;o)

And btw...I think Neil is just a bit irritated by now...lol



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