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There is something about that tattoo on her foot. Ah heck, there is something about her :-) She rocks!

Another delightful visit from Haleen!

#60 and Haleen speak to me; they say “you are correct, my breasts are very nice, and the transition from my waist to my hips is also”. If I could speak to Haleen I would say “you definitely are a member of MY perfect pussy club and I appreciate ALL of your glorious physical assets”.

Thanks to all members of Team Rylsky for today's visit.

Additional thanks to Rylsky for the arms akimbo poses.

88 alone should qualify our model for the Assosciation.


I'm quite sure I will agree, but please remind me again of the Association's Charter and purpose.

As the PP Club does for La Grande Bellezza, The Assosciation was Chartered for the honor and glory of La Grande Bellezza's little friend.

Thanks for the clarification. OK, works for me. You have my second, Magwich!
I hadn't heard anything about the Assosciation for so long I'm afraid I'd almost forgotten it ~ we will have to keep it active. ( :


I'm quite sure I will agree, but please remind me again of the Association's Charter and purpose.

10++++. Love the curvy, full body. Wonderful figure. Love her boobs. Excellent photography.

Gret job! Haleen looks so cute and yummy (nice doggy shows)! More please.



Afraid so....

What I like best about Haleen is that she's not built like a conventional model. Other sites might not consider her because maybe they think her hips are too round, or her legs are too short.

However, she's built more like the kind of woman you see as you go about your day, at work, on the street, in the store. Add that to the fact that Rylsky and crew don't bury her under tons of makeup, and she truly seems like the girl next door taking her clothes off for you.

And that's why I think she's one of the sexiest women on MET.

  • 1 year ago:


I am so glad that our members are enjoying having some curvy models on the site. For quite some time our photographers would send us more typical models. I am personally excited to present some models that have more to love :) I have some new faces of curvier gals on the way so stay tuned!

I'm glad to hear as well, K, I am very happy MetArt is featuring more women with real life contours/body types. I have to agree with Checkers that that is very sexy because this is the kind of woman we interact with every day ~ but probably (for one reason or another) say nothing about how sexy she is. ( :

Hi K, that's very exciting news, thanks. I look forward to seeing these future sets!


That is great news! I hope some of them show an occasional love handle.

Dating myself now, and likely to offend some but I include the following as a sincere compliment! A friend of mine once described voluptuous ladies as having more cushion for the pushin.

I look forward to Haleen's sets, she's overflowing with personality. I bet she's a fun person to spend time with.

A delicious cream puffs.
A good pastry chef.

Another beautiful well balanced Russian lady. How do they make them so perfect. Love her full figure - looks healthy

Haleen has an amazing body.Very awesome open legs and behind shots.Nice beautiful tits and pretty face.

Beautiful model with great photos. Thank you for the series of frontal pictures. Haleen's incredible breasts were displayed perfectly here!

Haleen is beautiful, with a flawless tall shapely and curvaceous figure. I love her beautiful dark brown eyes. This may be her best set so far. Very nice.

I agree, Neil, I think this is her best set yet. ( :

What a beautiful, sweet face! Fabulous body too. A real gem!

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