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This is a great set! Superb photography and one of the most beautiful women in the world. Halena is simply ravishing.....

One of my very favorite girls!! She hasn't done a bad set yet, and I suspect she never could! Great way to start the week!!

Beautiful perfect figure, a warm personality and the cutest toes! Excellent.

I just love her beautiful small breasts and protruding labia. Beautiful all around.

I really like image #24....pretty eyes, beautiful face, and nice expression.

Hi Sailor,nihil,fer_Realz Halena A is truely within this series of Alex Sironi he really captured her beauty with this series love the setting and the way she struts her small frame of her sexy body have to love that sexy derrrier,breasts,erect nipples of hers this set set remind me of the work the Tony Morano use to do she is simply stunning have to love images #24-#25,#94 priceless close ups of her sexy face just as images #91-#93 and #96 of her sexy cute derrier of hers specialy #96 a priceless close up of her cute derrier with her labia lips showing the cleft of it she is just simply adorable to see :(

Hi rags, Sounds like a great outing. How old is your daughter?

P.S. I share your thoughts about Halena. : )

Sailor it was a great outing for both myself and my daughter as for here age she is 6yrs old going on 7yrs now we named her after one of MetArts lovely models which alas no longer is within Metart and i'm glad you agreed with my thoughts about Halena A Thank You for asking :( cheers Sailor

That's a wonderful age—but then there are no bad ones when it's your child. Have fun with her. She'll be headed out the door before you know it.

Hi rags! How's everything with you?
I totally agree with the comparison to Tony Murano's work. He's one of my alltime favorite artists on MA. He had the occasional clinker, but most of the time he caught just exactly what I want to see in a woman. ( :

Hi fer_realz All is fine with me went for a nice summer ride with my daughter on my Harley had a few Jack Daniels and Lemonade had a nap and logged into MA to see some more sexy models and catch up with you guys ;( glad you agree with me about Tony Murano's work he did some great sets with Mariko A and more shame his gone the same as Tim Fox he was great too !!!

Just off the top of my head, I really loved his sets with Mila too... omylord, he brought out the best in her!!
Glad you got to spend some quality time with your daughter, I bet she loved the ride! ( :
Jack Daniels, eh? I've always been way too small for hard liquor, too bad it took me so long to figure that out!
Nowadays I just content myself with a beer or two (QUALITY beer ~ life's far too short to drink "light" "beer" (Might as well just call it what it is, horse piss!)

Halena lets so much of her personality show in this beautiful set, it's hard not to fall head over heels in love with her... I'm trying to keep it down to a schoolboy crush, but that's a challenge of epic proportions...

There is only one word that describes Halena, perfection. A smile goes a long way with the male of the species and Halena always has a lovely smile. I love her red hair, I love her beautiful face and Halena's body, wow! Always great to see you here Halena, come back soon.

And here's the beautiful Halena, walking away with my fourth 10 of the day. I wish she would stay. As I mentioned last month, I'd really like to do some old-fashioned necking with this irresistible redhead. The Brits call it snogging, and I can think of no one more snoggable than Halena. Besides, she's only 5'1", so the rest of that delicious body would never be far away. xoxoxo

I would love to snog Halena!))

Oh, me too. She looks like she'd be creative/inventive. ( :

Just stunning. Makes the heart flutter just imagining her saying "Moose and Squirrel".

Just out of curiosity, why would you be imagining her saying moose and sqirrel?

Am I missing a cultural reference?

LOL Yes..."American" culture! lmao! That was a great show!! My cats are named for the characters...

Yep, Natasha on "Rocky and Bullwinkle."
( ;

Wow. Impressive… : )

… and very cool.

Ok, it is impossible to pick a favourite today!

Halena's eyes could melt the coldest heart, and her smile could make anyone fall in love.

No problem, nihil. It's not a competitive sport. Each of these ladies is uniquely beautiful. Just enjoy. : )

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