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Je kiff trop quand elle pose assise sur un canapé les cuisses grande ouvertes.

Very sexy. I loved all of it.

Halena is a total cutie,with a very beautiful face and figure. I hope to see many more sets of her, but I do wish mr. Sironi could control his trigger finger on the camera. As lovely as Halena is (and this is probably what got him going) there are too many shots in thie set. Taking out a page and a half would have made the set tighter and better.

This little sweetheart gets a 10 from me for just showing up!! Such an enchanting nymph...

BIG hair!

Halena wonderful, naked and shameless.
The words you consume to sing his praises.
Better math.

Halena 10 ++
photo 10 +
lights and setting 10 +

So many great poses, positions and facial expressions here all strung together with the beauty of Halena. Great pictures Alex and Halena.

It is always a pleasure seeing a new Halena set and hope there are many more to come.

Sublime, as always. Halena shines in any setting. She is her own setting.

Halena is stunning and the set is not .

My snog buddy Halena (don't I wish) is back to demonstrate once again why we should be curled up in the back seat of a car at a drive-in. She is so adorable, so warmly feminine. She makes the idea of an old-fashioned make-out seem like heaven.

I couldn't think of a more perfect woman to make out with.

Hi, bro, how you been. Busy? This one is interesting for me assuming it was shot in sequence she seems to get more comfortable and "into" it the further it goes on. By the last couple pages she is a charming and as you say adorable. Big diff from the beginning. Drive-in? Showing your membership in the old farts fraternity once again. I surely would never have seen a movie if she was in the car with me....

Which is kinda the point, old sock. The movies at drive-ins were mostly crap anyway. The whole point was to make out, try to score. A girl like Halena would have been unforgettable.

Hi swplf2 and Sailor you both have a good point about the old drive-in days drive-drive I must admit even my self did'nt get to watch too many movies specialy 9/12 weeks with Mickey Rourke and Shaon Stone but Halena A surely looks totaly at ease open the the lounge chair in some very sensual sexy poses with a glowing warmth within her face and eyes :) :)

Yep it is obvious that you were distracted during it because Kim Basinger and not Sharon Stone was Mickey's target, by the way Zalman King was one of the writers for the movie. Best known for Wild Orchip, and Red Shoes Diary. He died last year but was a major influence when Sex Art began. I would have let you sit on my lap to view some of the movie, and share my pop corn. Ah the memories...

Dear swplf2 I sure was distracted by his movie :) and if you look within the postings on Zalman King's starting of SexArt as well as his death you will see the same comments about the old drive-in days at least his legacy still lives on within SexArt his classic oringnal series are still there to view to remind us all about how a great author and film producer that he was :) Chhers from a Hot balmy Outback Australan night :)

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