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Normally, I don't particularly care about bathroom sets, but I always watch when the lovely Halina denomstrates the truth in the old saying about small packages (She's 5'1"and 93 lb)Mr. Sironi has caught her beauty perfectly, I gave each a 10+++

Normally I don't care much about bathroom sets, either but this one is good, made better by the subject I think.

I keep hoping to come home and find Halena in my bathtub. It hasn't happened for me yet, but I'm told that God does answer prayers.

The floor is dirty...look at the bottom of Halena's feet.

Who's here to look at bathroom floors!??

The observation was a warning to those who are into sucking toes.

I knew SOMEONE was going to say something about that!

An absolutely adorable girl and a great set of pics! 10's all around!! Kisses all around!! Vodkas all around!!! ;o)

I could eat every mm of her. Atlichna.

Fellow freckle lovers, rejoice!
...and that's just the start. A brief list of Halena's distinguishing characteristics would have to include her lovely inviting smile, her warm eyes, the gently teasing way she uses both, her long lush head of hair and a lovely petite body that is fully feminine and curvy.

The water in the bath she began to boil alone.
Atomic Halena.
Atomic photos.

What a gorgeous bathroom and such a rich and beautiful background for Halena. Helena and her dark red hair and gorgeous green eyes and magnificent body. She looks like she belongs in a gilded environment like this. Pampered and kept in luxury. Her cute freckled face and those sexy knowing looks to light your fire fill you with anticipation.

That face and those eyes have fire several fantasies in my mind and I am sure I am not alone.

Nice work Alex, Kisses for the lovely Halena.

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