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The necklace detracts, and her hair is in the way.

Very near the top of my fav list! They just don't get any more adorable than Halena!! Sooooo scrumptious!!! Very nice set!

Well folks, it seems they do read the comments after all! Believe it or not it is now working faster than I can look at the pictures!
Anyway I am leaving on the 7th so cheerio folks and take care. Simon.

Well folks, it seems they do read the comments after all! They have just taken my last one off. Suffice it to say it was about my computer being strangled. Believe it or not it is now working faster than I can look at the pictures!
Anyway I am leaving on the 7th so cheerio folks and take care. Simon.

If anyone decides to quit MetArt for good, eg for the lousy standard of photography we have had recently,then make certain you have all the old downloads you want BEFORE YOU TELL METART YOU ARE LEAVING. I told them I was closing my subscription on 2014 06 07 they are accordingly closing my account from 2014 07 07. All well and good.

Unfortunately MetArt have started Strangling my download speed to a snail's pace since the beginning of this month. If I look at a set to see if I should have saved it they slow down the speed I can see it, if I try to download too many at once they won't even give me the download page! My computer is OK so it must be MetArt.
Nice to have argued with you all once in a while, take care, Simon.

If you don't like the quality of the photos why are you taking the time to download them?

Simon, there are a lot of variables at play in getting the speed/bandwidth that you need on the internet. Only one of those is the speed of the host servers. I doubt that they have the ability to manipulate DL speeds based on user.

I have experienced some slowdowns recently, and the other night I couldn't even get logged on for about an hour. I know that a lot of it has to do with the time of day and number of users. My ISP isn't the best. Downloading in the early morning always is faster for me.

Sorry that you are not satisfied with Met, hope you find something you like better. Good luck to you.

WHO REALLY CARES IF SIMONS GOES ... I'm leaving on the 7th, by Simon, say Hi to ya mum from us all, Chao Adios Arrivederci!

There's never a conspiracy against a member or his/her download speeds. It's usually your own ISP. However, if we can fix it we will. I think Metart as a company has proven time and time again that we are a standup company, always going above and beyond for our members. Most erotic companies and especially hardcore porn companies spend almost nothing on customer support, but we spend thousands per month on internal support staff. If anyone ever has a problem just email us, we are always here to give you the best experience possible. And if we can't get you what you need and you're still unhappy I have no quarrels to refund your money. We are the biggest erotic network in the world, and we didn't get there by indifference.

A very sexy redhead in a small package. Halena is always changing her hair color, always has a reddish base (never really 'brown' per the bio), but I like this medium red of the last two sets as it matches her fair complexion.

@ Ian Thomas:

A tip from someone who has done similarly myself.

Click "Post Comment" once only, observe your browser window (it is usually only a matter of seconds), when you see your post as the top comment; it is there forever and need not be repeated.

The only exceptions are if you posted an illegal word or a link to any illegal activity, and very short global system refreshes by MET.

It's just like purchasing stuff online, click once you bought it once, click twice you bought it twice.

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Anyone who sees her ♫♪... ♫♪...♪♫ soon forgets the Mona Lisa ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪...♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪... ♫♪...♪♫

She is very cute.

Probably the most exquisite smile on MET. Every photo, it's as if she's saying "do you like what you see? Come and get it."

Great smile, exquisite full lips. That trademark sexy smirk of hers leads me to think that's EXACTLY what she is saying!

Sadly, this set is another no-show of what I am sure is a gorgeous butterfly. Having said that, this tiny sex goddess's enticingly expressive face is so captivating it almost makes up for that lack. No sex kitten, Halena is a full-on tigress!

Halena is on my butterfly wish list as well. I like the smile on her face, wondering if the 'other smile' would be just as enticing. Of course it would!

Exquisite! But I wish you had a red bush!

A nice soft one... Then she would be perfect..!

Ian, your stuttering! Can't blame you though!

Red hair, green eyes, and just a hint of freckles. What more could I ask? The profile says brown eyes and brown hair, I say WRONG! The hair color might have changed but there is no way I buy brown for her eye color! I have always been partial to redheads and this lady is a classic! Pale white skin, small and petite and yet perfectly scaled to look long and willowy. At 5'1" and 98lbs of fiery desirableness. She may be small but her screen presence sure isn't

oops! 93lbs wow that is petite! Bet she isn't tiny in bed though. This girl has pzazz and she knows it!

Halena has got beautiful breasts to go with that gorgeous face, she does not need to hide them behind hair or have ugly necklaces spoiling the shot. Keep it simple and show off her natural beauty.

she is very cute.

Patience, grasshopper

she is very cute.

she is very cute.

she is very cute.

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